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We recently learned that Anna Duggar didn’t have sex with her disgraced, cheating husband for nearly a year after he checked into rehab.

Turns out his family won’t touch him either (so to speak).

While it may seem like Josh Duggar is being slowly re-introduced into public life, everyone is clearly still wary of any association with him.

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The Duggars are in Big Sandy, Texas, attending a week-long convention for Christian families who adhere to a common set of beliefs.

(Follow this link for our recent breakdown answering the question what religion are the Duggars and what those beliefs entail.)

They announced that the "whole family (minus Jill and Derick) is heading to Big Sandy for their homeschool conference for the week!”

Yes, including Josh … not that you’d know.

In photos from the event, the expectant couple has been carefully avoided, though their two-year-old daughter Meredith was spotted.

Josh and Anna did appear in one picture of a large family gathering, though they are MIA from any solo shots or other group images.

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Beyond the fact that his sex scandals have made Josh into a human third rail, criticism directed at Anna may also give the family pause.

Currently pregnant with her fifth child, Anna has been criticized by many for standing by her man (she can’t win either way with fans).

In any case, the silence can be deafening.

When the world first learned that Anna was expecting for the fifth time, she and Josh revealed the news on the family Facebook page.

While they are always congratulating their younger siblings on similar life milestones, Jill and Jessa Duggar were radio silent this time.

And then there were the hilarious lengths TLC went to keep him out of Jinger Duggar’s wedding episode, despite his front row seat:

Naturally, the family’s efforts to keep Joshua away from the public eye has not prevented fans and critics from speculating about him.

In fact, it may only increase the scrutiny.

The impression is that every public appearance or social media mention of him is carefully crafted and unavoidable. Almost involuntary. 

Discussion of where the scandals left Josh Duggar’s net worth, or what he’s doing to make a living now, are extremely common online.

There’s also debate over where he’s living or whether he’s become so depressed that he can’t function as an equal parent with Anna.

This image of Josh, posted by Pickles 4 Truth, shows him with an unkempt appearance at the Creation Museum in Kentucky last month:

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Josh is looking a little worse for the wear.

Moreover, a hot photo of Jana Duggar holding Meredith at Big Sandy drew attention, and not just due to how beautiful "Cinderella" is.

Coupled with reports that he doesn’t help Anna at all, Duggar obsessives are wondering how dependent Josh has become on his family.

Some have even wondered if they’ve moved in with Jim Bob. One fan asked: “Are the Duggar family raising Josh and Anna’s children?”

At the very least, they’re believed to be living close to the family compound in Arkansas, where he toils away doing whatever it is he does.

If we’ve learned one thing over the past two years, it’s not to expect the Duggars to offer updates on Josh unless they have no choice.