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After all the things that Adam Lind has done during his time in the Teen Mom spotlight, you’d think he couldn’t sink any lower, right?

He’s a deadbeat dad, a menace to society, judging by his driving record, and just a terrible person in general.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

So how could he possibly be any worse than he already is?

Answer: meth.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the mothers of Adam’s two daughters, Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur, and also some Teen Mom 2 crew members, have been concerned about the guy for several months now.

They’ve been worried that he’s been under the influence of something, and Chelsea and Taylor finally reported their concerns in court.

Adam was ordered to take a drug test, which he failed. But, in typical Adam Lind fashion, he blamed the test itself, saying it was somehow “faulty.”

Adam Lind Steroids Photo
Photo via Instagram

The good people at the court went along with it and tested the same sample again.

And surprise of all surprises, he failed again, reportedly with a whole bunch of meth and amphetamines in his system.

(If you’re curious about the difference, we’ll save you a Google: meth and amphetamines are similar, but amphetamines are sometimes prescribed and generally safer, while meth is always cooked by sketchy criminals and is never safe.)

As a result of the drug test, Adam is no longer able to have unsupervised visits with Paislee, his daughter with Taylor.

As for adorable little Aubree, she’s been on supervised visits with him for a while now, so nothing will change there.

Adam Lind Pitches Protein Bars on Instagram
Photo via Instagram/Adam Lind

Unfortunately, Adam’s parents are the ones who’ve been ordered to supervise the visits, and they’ve let Adam go off on his own with Aubree multiple times.

They’ve even let him drive her around, which is particularly terrifying, considering the drug test and also the fact that he’s had numerous DUIs and other traffic offenses.

If his parents let him drive Aubree on a suspended license, shouldn’t something change in light of his alleged drug habit?

Oh, and speaking of Adam’s horrific driving record, guess who just pled guilty to a charge of exhibition driving last week?

Exhibition driving, of course, being driving with “unnecessary engine noise, tire squeal, skid, or slide upon acceleration or stopping; that simulates a temporary race.”

So driving like a jackass, basically.

Boy, we can’t wait to hear how Adam is going to twist this around, can you? Wonder who will be out to get him this time?

And, most of all, we wonder if this will finally be enough to strip Adam of his parental rights to those two poor little girls.