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Last week, the world was shocked to learn that former New England Patriots tight end and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell after having apparently taken his own life.

As details of the 27-year-old’s final moments emerged, it became clear that the tragic incident might forever be surrounded in mystery.

Aaron Hernandez as a Patriot
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Authorities confirmed that Hernandez scrawled a Bible passage on his forehead in red ink and used the same ink to create the appearance of wounds on his hands and feet in apparent reference to the crucifixion of Christ.

The Bible in his cell lay open to the chapter and verse written on his forehead, and tucked inside the pages were three separate suicide notes:

One was addressed to Hernandez’s former fiancee, another to his 4-year-old daughter, and a third to a fellow inmate.

It’s been widely reported that the inmate was Hernandez’s gay lover

Details about the convict were slow to emerge, but today, Radar Online is identifying him as Kyle Kennedy, a 22-year-old Massachusetts man serving a sentence on armed robbery charges.

Aaron Hernandez in Cuffs
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The contents of the letters remain unknown, but those familiar with the situation say there’s little doubt that Hernandez and Kennedy were involved in a romantic relationship.

Insiders add that prior to his death, Hernandez transferred ownership of a $50,000 watch to Kennedy as a gift for when he’s released from prison.

Kennedy has reportedly been on suicide watch ever since the night when Hernandez’s body was found.

Kennedy has been in prison since January of 2015, when he was arrested after robbing a gas station cashier with a knife.

Kyle Kennedy Photo
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The revelation that Hernandez may have been bisexual sheds new light on the details of his murder conviction.

Throughout the trial, a Hernandez associate named Ernest Wallace claimed that Hernandez’s victim, Odin Lloyd, repeatedly taunted the athlete with gay slurs and threatened to out him.

Wallace says he believes it was Hernandez’s fear of being exposed as bisexual that motivated him to take Lloyd’s life.

We may never find out for certain what motivated Hernandez to murder Lloyd and then take his own life.

All we know now is that this unimaginably tragic situation somehow continues to get sadder by the day.