Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide; The Internet Reacts

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As you've surely heard by now, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell early this morning.

He was acquitted of two counts of murder just last week, but he was convicted for the murder of fellow football player Odin Lloyd in 2015.

Since he was in a cell by himself, and since he was found hanging by a bed sheet, his death seems to be a suicide, but his attorney, along with many others, feel there's a possibility he could have been murdered.

But whatever caused his death, one thing is certain: people have a whole, whole lot of feelings about it ...

1. The Saddest Story

The Saddest Story
It's a sad story for sure, but the saddest? Some would argue that Odin Lloyd had a more tragic story.

2. Why Are People Sad?

Why Are People Sad?
It actually probably has less to do with football and more with the fact that, you know, suicide is sad.

3. And the Jokes ...

And the Jokes ...
A 13 Reasons Why joke, really? That's what we're doing right now?

4. What a Life ...

What a Life ...
Hard to believe he was so young.

5. Worse Than Prison

Worse Than Prison
Well, when you put it like that ...

6. It's Been a Bit of a Day ...

It's Been a Bit of a Day ...
So many events. So. Many.

7. Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick
How cold can you be?

8. Heartbreaking ...

Heartbreaking ...
That poor child.

9. He Could Have Been Great!

He Could Have Been Great!
But he wasn't. Because murder.

10. First Degree Muder

First Degree Muder
Anything for a retweet, right?

11. The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy
Was it suicide? Murder? Twitter is on the case.

12. More Jokes

More Jokes
Ha ha, mesothelioma, right? Hilarious.

13. Trump

Sure, this whole thing wasn't crazy enough yet -- let's throw Trump in the mix!

14. The Ones Who Look the Strongest

The Ones Who Look the Strongest
... Did he look the strongest though?

15. Career-Ending Injury

Career-Ending Injury
Sometimes all you can do is roll your eyes and pray for humanity.

16. Gun Violence

Gun Violence
The dream, huh?

17. Underprivileged Serial Killers

Underprivileged Serial Killers

18. No joke.

No joke.
Well said. Or well tweeted, as it were.

19. Peace for Both Families

Peace for Both Families
Surely we can all agree that this is the most important thing in this situation.

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