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Raven Gates will not become Mrs. Nick Viall.

But does this mean the popular Bachelor suitor no longer has a shot at finding love in front of an ABC camera?

Raven Gates on ABC
Photo via Instagram

On Monday night, Raven battled Vanessa Grimaldi on the season finale of The Bachelor, hoping to become the literal last woman standing when Nick dropped down to one knee to propose.

She went on an ice skating date with the supposed love of her life, receiving an armload of Husky puppies from Viall and doing her best to assure Nick that her feelings were real.

Tragically, however, they were not reciprocated.

Prior to being sent home by Viall, Raven told viewers via an emotional voiceover:

“I just have all the faith in the world that it’s going to end the way that I want it to end."

With a ring on her finger and a twinkle in her eyes, Raven clearly meant this statement.

Raven Gates and Nick
Photo via Instagram

But then it was time for her to come face-to-face with her potential husband… and for her hopes and dreams to be dashed, crushed and vaporized by Viall.

On two occasions, Nick told Raven that she looked beautiful, prompting Gates to jump in and ask Nick to hold her hands in order to calm down her nerves.

She proceeded to rundown the highlights of their romance, reminding Viall that their ”easy love” was what her father had always wanted for her.

“I want you to know that I’m ready and I couldn’t be more sure, and that I love you," Raven told Nick, as viewers who read through our section of The Bachelor spoilers squirmed uncomfortably on their sofas.

Finally, Nick ended the tension.

And the relationship.

Raven Gates Bikini Pic
Photo via Instagram

“My heart’s somewhere else," he told his runner-up, adding through tears:

“I feel like I’ve been so selfish trying to figure out where my heart is at, and you’ve been so selfless allowing me to do that. I’m sorry.”

(One might simply say this is the entire premise of The Bachelor, one man choosing from 25 women and the women just sitting back and letting him to so because of show rules and everything.)

(But anyway. We digress)

“I’ll never regret standing here and telling you how I feel," replied a mature Raven, making us love her even more.

Before going in for a farewell embrace, Nick told Raven, “I’m going to miss you," to which she made like Han Solo and replied: "I know.”

Raven Gates Orgasm
Photo via Tumblr

It was a sad outcome for anyone on Team Gates, but fast forward to the After the Final Rose special and a bit of positive news:

This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Raven! Nor did The Bachelor mark her final shot at finding love (or at least sex) on reality TV!

When the small business owner said on air that she wasn’t ready to give up on meeting a man, Chris Harrison teased that he “has this thing going on in Mexico,” prior to asking if he’ll “see her in Paradise," a reference to Bachelor in Paradise.

And Raven said yes!


Raven Gates, Nick Viall GIF
Photo via Tumblr

Immediately upon learning this news, Twitter users started to fantasize about Raven hooking up with Luke Pell.

Considering she was originally cast when ABC thought he would be The Bachelor, as opposed to Nick … and just because Luke is Luke.

“She seems like a nice girl," Luke previously told Life & Style.

And while he has not yet committed to Bachelor in Paradise, fans can dream, right?

Perhaps he’ll finally give Raven an orgasm!

"I don’t understand why people think that because she’s from a farm and I grew up on the farm that it’s like magic," Luke has also said about Raven, adding:

"I have to meet somebody that I know the chemistry is there. Attractiveness, now, is less and less physical because that’s easy. I want a real emotional connection."

Don’t we all, Luke?

Don’t we all?

Do you hope to see Raven and Luke get together?

Were you upset Nick chose Vanessa over Raven?

Or do you think she can do better than either one of these realty stars?

We want to know! Leave a comment below!