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Nick Viall’s final rose was on the line and the man tears were a-flowin’ Monday as The Bachelor season finale arrived at last on ABC.

Weeks of rumors, tears, heartbreak and The Bachelor spoilers led us to this moment, but would Nick’s fourth time truly be the charm?

Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi, Raven Gates

All was revealed and all gossip put to rest at last.

Despite a season unlike any other in many respects, the finale followed a familiar pattern, with two hours building up to an epic conclusion.

For Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi, Nick’s only remaining aspiring wives, hopes and emotions ran high as the final dates approached.

You cannot blame them, considering the stakes.

Either could make the case to the leading man (or the fans) that they should be who Nick Viall picks, but there can be only one ring.

One Neil Lane ring, if you will, to rule them all. At least for the next 3-6 months until they break up and she returns it. Kidding! (Maybe!)

Anyway … would it be a conventional season finale this year, or would there be a twist at the end that defied all predictions and conventions?

Nick Viall Bachelor Poster

Fans have been promised a franchise "first," and the producers, editors and writers are good at pushing our buttons like it’s their jobs.

Hmm. Which it is, now that we think about it.

And for good reason. These people are pros at what they do. But will this literally unprecedented "first" be, and will it be truly noteworthy?

All we can do in the end is sit and watch.

Who did Nick decide on? And would there be a live, unpredictable ending to his journey for love on the After the Final Rose special?

Well, let’s get right into it and find out!

After dates with both women, meetings with family, and plenty of tears, fears and everything in between, Nick sucked it up and proposed to …

Vanessa (The Bachelor) Photo

Vanessa Grimaldi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bachelor spoilers straight up nailed it. No switcheroo a la Jason Mesnick. No double rejection flake-out a la Brad Womack 1.0.

Raven Gates was left out in the cold, literally, despite Nick letting her reach the final rose ceremony in Finland before giving her the boot.

Brutal. Don’t get us wrong. Dude has been through a lot and looked genuinely torn at times, and clearly didn’t relish cutting her loose.

Still. Dragging it out like that for effect?

We can debate whether that was bad form or not until we’re blue in the face, but if you were #TeamVanessa, you had to love the outcome.

She and Nick had a strong connection from the start, and despite Raven, Rachel and Corinne Olympios’ best efforts, she was his pick.

Nick and Vanessa

Think she was the right choice? Will Nick and Vanessa last?! Will everyone involved in this experience look back on it fondly?

As for the After the Final Rose special shocker …

We were led to believe – or at least it was implied – throughout the final week of the season that the "historic" event had to do with Nick.

He’s the star, after all, and he just got engaged. How could it not have to do with Nick and Vanessa? Well, slow your roll there, people.

Remember, Rachel Lindsay was announced as The Bachelorette before hometown dates, so the producers are mixing things up lately.

Our guess is it as to do with her. Stay tuned.

On the After the Final Rose special, Raven Gates was reunited with Nick, maintaining her composure and wishing him the best with Vanessa.

Raven will also be on Bachelor in Paradise!

The newly-engaged Viall and Grimaldi appeared publicly for the first time, and perhaps the only time, since the proposal we just saw.

To say they’re looking forward to a wedding in the future would be a stretch … we’d say "cautiously optimistic" more than "over the moon."

Indeed, it was The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay who was the woman of the hour, meeting four of her suitors on live TV on Monday.

Yes … that was the HISTORIC event.

Lame hype aside, it should be a great season starring Rachel, and we are already counting down the Mondays until its ABC premiere!