Raven Gates' Ex-Boyfriend: I Gave Her Orgasms AND She Said She Loved Me! The Bachelor LIES!

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Raven Gates' ex-boyfriend Hunter Henry has a bone to pick with the popular show, and it has nothing to do with The Bachelor spoilers.

Well, unless you're talking about his spoiled reputation as a man.

Raven Gates Orgasm

Thanks to Raven's claim that she's never told a man she loves him, or had an orgasm (at all), Henry has become a subject of fascination.

And hilariously, he's calling out the show in an interview with Us.

During Gates and Nick Viall's fantasy-suite date on Monday's episode, she told the Bachelor that she's never said "I love you" to a man.

Nor has she experienced, even once, what an orgasm feels like.

Hunter Henry

Yes, this happened on national TV, making fans immediately wonder what the Hoxie, Arkansas, native's ex-boyfriend Henry was doing.

Or not doing, to be more accurate. They dated for two years!

He was also discussed on an earlier episode in which Gates alleged that while they were dating, she caught him banging another woman. 

At that point, Raven said, she attacked her beau with a high-heeled shoe, an image that brings a smile to our face (cheating aside). 

Hunter's definitely not among those laughing about it, however.

"Comments made by Raven about our relationship are skewed and untrue," Henry tells the website. "However, I wish her all the best."

"Definitely not true about the whole orgasm thing," he adds.

Raven Gates and Nick Viall on The Bachelor

Sure man. You just keep telling yourself that okay?

"And she has told me she loved me multiple times," says Hunter, who's in the running for Worst BF of the 2010s honors, "just for the record."

Anyone buying what Henry is selling here? Would The Bachelor actually invent wholesome, sweet Raven Gates' "secret" as a storyline?

Actually, they very well might, come to think of it ...

We put nothing past Mike Fleiss and company, though at the same time it feels hard to believe Raven would go out and lie like that.

Right? Or would she do that if they told her to?

In any case, Bachelor Nation fans have been fascinated by Gates' claim that she has never climaxed from any sort of sexual activity.

Nick Viall and Raven Gates on The Bachelor

After the episode aired, a GoFundMe account popped up online seeking to raise money to buy the 25-year-old boutique owner a vibrator.

An altruistic endeavor if ever there were one.

Raven is one of Viall's final three ladies, along with Vanessa Grimaldi and Rachel Lindsay, after he eliminated Corinne Olympios Monday.

(We imagine Corinne and her platinum vagine have had about 14 orgasms, manually and/or with the aid of someone else, since then.)

It was during Gates' overnight date with Nick that the topic of the Big O came up, and Viall was at a loss for words like the rest of us.

Gates had just come out of a bad breakup with Hunter Henry (never trust a dude with two first names) when she applied for the show.

Raven Gates Pic

She says she's slept with only him (and apparently, he didn't do a very good job of it), before meeting and building up their great chemistry.

Whether that's enough to get her the final rose over Vanessa (we know Rachel is out) remains to be seen, along with any orgasmic action.

Monday's episode left off with a mini-cliffhanger.

Raven ultimately accepted Nick's invitation to the Fantasy Suite, where she met up with Viall and his uncomfortable looking turtleneck.

Did he ditch said sweater and become THE ONE to take Raven to the Oh-Zone for the first time in her life on that hot night in Finland?

Bachelor Nation can only hope.

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