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As The Bachelor this past season, Nick Viall had to overcome drunk women, surprise announcements and the criticism that came along with having slept with, like, 37 past franchise contestants.

But that was nothing.

Viall handled it well.

He’s now up against a far stronger foe than anything he faced on The Bachelor: William Shatner.

Nick Viall on DWTS

For hilarious reasons that remain unknown, the beloved ex-Star Trek actor has made it his mission to get Viall kicked off Dancing with the Stars.

Prior to the Season 24 premiere airing on Monday night, Shatner Tweeted the following:

"My goal for #DWTS is to knock Bachelor Nick out ASAP. Who is with me?"

He later added: "Whoever your favorite is – just not Nick- make the 10 phone calls for them."

Was Shatner on Team Rachel Lindsay or Team Raven Gates and is angry that Viall proposed instead to Vanessa Grimaldi on The Bachelor finale?

It’s unclear.

William Shatner Pose

Along with partner Peta Murgatroyd, Viall earned a surprisingly decent a score of 24 out of 40 from the judges on Monday evening.

He then told Us Weekly after the show that Grimaldi has been "very supportive" throughout the journey.

The same can most definitely NOT be said about Shatner, however.

"How do we get #BachelorNation to not vote for Nick?" he Tweeted after the premiere.

When a fan said that Nick actually ought to win so that he doesn’t return on future seasons – a reference to the four Bachelor franchise programs he’s already appeared on – Shatner replied:

"No! He needs to go next week."

The guy is not messing around.

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And he apparently uses the Internet to watch The Bachelor online every week or his television set to watch it during regular hours.

Shatner is clearly well aware of Viall’s history and reputation.

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Shatner also referred to Viall as "Vile," asked for his elimination to be Shatner’s "birthday present" and denied that he was bullying the reality star in any way.

As for Peta?

Shatner has no problem with her.

"Peta, you know I love you. Congratulations on becoming a mommy," he wrote at one point. "Just can’t cheer you on this season. Love to Maks & Shia."

What was left for Viall to say about this onslaught? Not much.

So he just went with a sad face emoji in response:

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What do you think of Shatner’s all-out war on Nick Viall?

Is it deserved? Is it over the top? Is it funny? Is it cruel?

We somehow doubt Viall will win Dancing with the Stars, or even come close, so Shatner can probably sit back, relax and just enjoy the show.

There are other DWTS controversies he can weigh in on instead if he so chooses.

Choose a side in this unexpected feud and then scroll through the following photos to determine who you think will come out on top at the end of Season 24…