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Remember when Kellyanne Conway abused her power and position by going on Fox News and telling Americans to buy Ivanka Trump’s products?

If your head exploded at the sight of a government official going full-QVC during a policy interview, you have our condolences.

Unfortunately, the rest of us are left to ponder the implications of such an abomination of democracy, and now some modern day John Adamses are taking the matter to court:

Ivanka Trump: 2016 Costume Institute Gala
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Modern Appealing Clothing (okay, so like, John Adams if he worked for that fashion company from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead) is suing Ivanka over what it calls an "unfair advantage" in the marketplace.

The San Francisco-based retailer says Ivanka’s sales have been boosted by 700% due to her father’s influence as P–sy-Grabber-in-Chief.

(No word on how the company came by those figures.)

Conway’s endorsement came on the heels of Nordstrom’s decision to remove Ivanka’s clothing line from its stores.

The Trump administration (by which we mean Donald’s tweets) has argued that Ivanka’s business interests have actually suffered as a result of her father’s presidency.

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However, MAC and the rest of the world is all like, "Nah, bruh."

While Trump has proven to be an expert at losing money (USFL, we hardly knew ye.), no family has ever been made poorer by the presidency.

Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm in 1976, but in the decades since, he’s become America’s favorite kindly grandfather, and ironically, he probably has a place reserved in heaven that’s decked out with more gold than Trump Tower.

Okay, almost as much gold.

Trump’s getting the best of both worlds, as he’s become the most powerful man in the world without making good on his promise to divest from his business interests.

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Can you imagine being a foreign leader traveling to D.C. and not staying at the Trump Hotel?

You can just forget about a handshake after pulling that stunt, hombre.

The reality is, we’ll probably never know how much the Trump family has enriched itself at the expense of the American people.

If only there were some sort of document that revealed how much individuals and corporations earned in a year, as well as how much they paid in taxes.

Sigh. Maybe someday …