Nick Viall vs. Jax Taylor: Unexpected Feud Alert!

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Sometimes people who have the most in common have trouble getting along for the simple reason that they each see their worst qualities reflected in one another.

It's probably why Quentin Tarantino has beef with fellow fast-talking movie geek Spike Lee.

It might even be have something to do with the fact that Donald Trump hates fellow rage-aholic white guy Alec Baldwin so much more than all the other comics who roast him.

And it's definitely the reason that Vanderpump Rules' resident d-bag Jax Taylor can't get along with fellow reality douche Nick Viall:

A Viall Selfie

As you probably know by now, Viall got engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi on last night's season finale of The Bachelor.

But while Vanessa may have fallen head-over-heels for Nick, it seems Jax would rather give him a heel to the head.

It seems the famous-ish bros butted heads at a recent event to promote a mutual friend's new hotel/nightclub venture.

According to Taylor, he asked Viall to pose for a pic to help promote the business, and Nick rudely refused.

“I go, ‘First of all, buddy, don’t toot your own horn, I have no f—ing idea who you are,’" Jax recently told Bravo's Daily Dish blog.

Jax on Vanderpump

Hilariously, Jax proceeded to go off on Viall for, of all things, starring on a "disposable reality show":

“I know you’re on The Bachelor — okay, good for you, great," Taylor said.

"You’re on a disposable reality show that you’ll be gone in five minutes and no one will know who you are, so you want to get your five minutes of fame in now.”

In case he hadn't already made his feelings perfectly clear, Jax added:

“I just think he’s a d-bag,” 

Jax Taylor on a Red Carpet

Yes, when this is the same Jax Taylor who, despite pulling in over half a million a year, still gets arrested for stealing sunglesses.

The same Jax who regularly claims ownership of his girlfriend's boobs because he paid for her breast implants.

When that guy is calling you a d-bag, it may be time to re-assess your own douchiness.

Hopefully Vanessa is going into this thing with her eyes wide open...

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