Jax Taylor Arrested in Hawaii: He Paid HOW MUCH For Bail?!

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If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know that tonight's episode will feature more of the crew on vacation in Hawaii, because they have more money and free time than every other waitstaff in the world combined.

As we reported back in July, Jax Taylor was arrested for stealing a pair of sunglasses on said vacay, and the incident is featured in this week's installment:

Obviously, we've known about Jax's latest legal entanglement for several months, but the above preview reveals some new details such as the fact that the dude's friends were forced to fork over 11 freakin' grand for bail.

“I mean $11,000 is f--king ridiculous,” Scheana Marie says in the clip.

“So we have a matter of hours to come up with 11 grand, get him out of jail, get all of our luggage, hop in an Uber, get to the airport to go to Third Eye Blind tomorrow.”

Third Eye Blind? Seems like our favorite SURvers are stuck in their adolescence in more ways than one.

Anyway, preference for mediocre '90s bands aside, Jax is really gunning for a spot as the dumbest reality TV star in history. Check out the master criminal at work in this security cam footage:

For the record, the sunglasses reportedly cost $300.

Not a cheap pair of shades, sure, but it's worth noting that Jax reportedly pulls in a six-figure salary just for appearing on the show.

He also owns a restaurant, models, does paid appearances, and occasionally even bartends (when he's not too sh-tfaced).

So yeah, we're not sure who's dumber - Jax, or his friends for continuing to put up with this crap.

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