Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Who's Your Daddy?!

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On Monday's season premiere, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 1 saw Stevie J and Joseline at odds ... big shocker there.

As the pair battled it out over the paternity of Joseline's child, would tensions between them boil over, or would they find common ground?

If you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online, you know that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez don't always see eye to eye about everything.

Or much of anything, to be honest, especially lately.

Well, she’s six months pregnant with a baby girl and about to be a first-time mom. She's absolutely glowing and that's the good news.

The bad news? Stevie J doesn’t think he’s the dad.

According to the producer, his longtime partner's been hanging around with a lot of different dudes, so “how’s a good guy to know the truth?”

Or Stevie J, for that matter.

Now, Joseline doesn't buy that for a second, accusing Stevie J of disavowing the baby and demanding a DNA test to prove he’s the dad.

Joseline Hernandez Baby Bump Picture

“Maybe this will get your attention Stevie," she said.

"Ignore me all you want too, but not your baby.”

Now, as for her collaborator Young Dro, from their joint musical effort, “Pop Dat,” Joseline said it's all about making money, not babies.

“He’s a real artist, we’ve come out with new music and I want everyone to hear it,” Hernandez said of Young Dro, the new cast member.

Somehow we get the feeling there's more to it.

Speaking of sometime lovers and sworn enemies, Yung Joc and Karlie Redd are back on and can't keep their hands off of each other.

He calls her an “addiction [he] just can’t seem to kick. We’re just having fun. I’m not trying to be serious with Karlie! I’m just trying to smash.”

Karlie Redd Picture

Always good to be up front about that sort of thing.

The problem is he's more up front with the VH1 camera crew than with Karlie herself, as she's pressuring him about getting serious: 

“Where we at? Are we getting in a relationship?”

Redd is willing to overlook his past (like railing Khadiyah Lewis) if she gets an apology for it, since he clearly wants her “in the worst way.”

We'll see how that plays out in the weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, Mimi Faust, Ariane Davis, Rasheeda Buckner-Frost, Tammy Rivera and newcomer Melissa Scott meet up and catch up.

Mimi is still into women, but admits the “timing was never right” for a relationship with Melissa (who happens to be tight with Joseline).

Mimi Faust Image

Rasheeda talks about how Kirk Frost has issues with the way she handles her career and home life, and that they have marital problems.

That would be putting things pretty mildly.

At Joseline’s masquerade party, Karlie spies on Young Joc by wearing a mask, and in doing so, sees him talking to Jasmine Washington.

After some interrogation, we learn that Jasmine just had a baby, which she alleges is actually Kirk’s love child. Oh yes, this happened.

“I know he hasn’t told his wife and his baby,” Jasmine says, and when confronted, Kirk tells Rasheeda that obviously it’s all lies immediately.

For the moment, it looks like this is going to blow over, but she's clearly suspicious that there's more to it, and it could be just the beginning.

Kirk Frost and Rasheeda

Finally, Tommie Lee is trying to change her life since her man Scrapp Deleon went to jail, she lost friends and started drinking too much.

That would be a lot to handle for anyone, it's true.

Her efforts to live up to her full potential leave a lot to be desired, however, as Tommie tells Stevie that Joseline got a restraining order.

On her. Stevie tries to defend Tommie by going to tell the cops that it's a misunderstanding, but law enforcement has its reasons here.

Police allegedly have a video of her threatening to hurt Joseline, and Tommie’s been down this road before, so it's not a good situation.

Once she puts these legal issues behind her, she swears she's going to turn over a new leaf and act like a lady. Good luck with that.

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