Lena Dunham Debuts Boob Tattoo Inspired By Rihanna

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There are word combinations you never expect to type, and then there's "Lena Dunham Debuts Boob Tattoo Inspired By Rihanna."

You might be tempted to decry such a headline as that "fake news" you keep hearing about:

A bald-faced attempt to highlight the more ridiculous aspects of Millennial culture in an effort to work the #MAGA crowd into a greater fury than anti-incest laws and every second of this year's Oscars combined. 

But we assure you, this is no alt-right Pepe-ganda (though we are in the process of developing tastes for Tolstoy and straight Stoli in order to make nice with our future overlords), and the self-proclaimed Voice of Her Generation really did copy RiRi's underboob ink.

Lena Dunham Under-Boob Tattoo

Lena posted the pic above today, along with a caption that reads:

"Thank you @trinegrimm for my warrior's chest plate/tit chandelier. This is my first original piece by a female tattoo artist and it felt sacred and cool and she didn't chide me for copying @badgalriri's placement.

"If you're ever in Oslo, go meet this metal queen and let her handle your body."

Look, we're gonna go ahead and play Dunham's advocate here.

For starters, we're willing to giver her a pass on a lot of things this week, as "American Bitch" might have been Girls' strongest episode to date, and it actually addressed a topical issue in a unique way.

Lena Dunham Poses

(It might have worked better as a standalone project, but that's a discussion for another time.)

On top of that - we've been there.

We'll admit to seeing a celebrity rock a certain look and (perhaps during a tipsy online shopping spree) deciding to give it a shot ourselves.

There was a time when Johnny Depp was cool enough to make male fashion scarves cool, and like other tragedies throughout history, we shouldn't bury it simply because we can't make sense of it.

Lena Dunham Looks Serious

So Lena saw Rihanna rocking some boob-bunting and figured she'd try to pull it off, too.

As long as she doesn't start taking racy blunt smoke selfies and using the word "pon," we can chalk this up to loving emulation and not Single White Female-esque imitation.

Besides, if this is the worst thing Lena Dunham did this week, then it was really a hell of a week.

It's not like she publicly wished she had an abortion or attempted to convince the world that her cellulite is a global feminist issue.

Lena Dunham with Clothes On

Lena is like Trump:

If seven days go by and she doesn't make us seriously doubt our mental health or wonder if we're living in the Upside-Down like Barb, we kinda feel like we owe her a thank you letter.

We'd like to tell you that we'll one day write an article about Lena without comparing her to Trump, but the #FakeNews has gone far enough, dammit!

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