Lena Dunham: I Wish I Had an Abortion!

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Lena Dunham may be best known to many people as the woman who often shows her boobs on television.

But the actress is now in major hot water for a different body part: her foot.

Because she just went ahead and stuck it way deep into her mouth.

Lena Dunham Looks Serious

While hosting the podcast Women of the Hour, the Girls star told the audience about a visit to a Texas Planned Parenthood years ago, at which time a girl asked her to share her experience with abortion.

Dunham, an outspoken liberal who is pro-choice, explains how she "sort of jumped" at the request because she had never had an abortion.

She could go out there and fight for equality and for a woman's right to choose and support anyone who has been through this traumatic experience...

... but it suddenly hit her:

She couldn't empathize. Because she had no idea what it was actually, truly like to have an abortion.

Dunham went on to commend those close to her for their “bravery” and “self-knowledge” for having gone through this procedure, saying she realized that needed to put  her own stigma surrounding the issue “in the garbage.”

And then Dunham said:

"Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had."

YIKES, Lena!

You wish you had terminated a fetus?!?

We think we understand what you were getting at here... we're pretty sure you were just trying to say that you wish you could have an even better perspective on this issue in order to even more strongly advocate for it... but, again: YIKES.

Poor word choice.

Listen to Dunham make it below:

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