Josh Murray & Amanda Stanton: We're Working Things Out!

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Even if you've never been there, you probably have a friend who has:

Sometimes a relationship starts too fast in the beginning, and falls apart just as quickly, but while everyone on the outside can see that it just wasn't meant to be, neither of the parties involved can let it go.

That's the situation that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton find themselves in, and sadly, it seems they're not yet willing to give on their lifeless corpse of a relationship.

Amanda Stanton on BiP

The first hint that Murray and Stanton are back together came last month, when the couple was spotted out and about together in LA.

Shortly thereafter, Murray seemed to confirm the reconciliation with a series of cryptic tweets about the joys of staying in an unhealthy relationship.

"Crazies stick with crazies #breakovermorepackingtodo," Murray tweeted at one point.

In case you missed it, Murray and Stanton got engaged after hitting it off on The Bachelor in Paradise, ABC's social experiment designed to determine if couples are more likely to get married if they meet in a hot climate while drunk on Mai Tais.

To the surprise of literally no one (probably including the couple themselves) Josh and Amanda broke up shortly thereafter.

Josh Murray and Ashley Stanton: In Love!

Now, however, Josh says he and Amanda are serious about patching things up"

"I wouldn't say we're back together, but we're working on things right now," he said on The Domenik Nati Show.

"There's a lot of things that happened, there were a lot of struggles... For me, I know when I'm in a relationship I want to be with somebody who's my best friend, who I can trust, who I can be with all the time. We have to get to that point for anything to work out."

He added:

"After the show, it was very difficult, just how everything was shown and portrayed.

"We had a great time, we fell in love, we thought everything was great, and then it was tough during the season."

"So we kind of had to fight an uphill battle for a little while, and it wasn't an easy thing to do. But right now, we saw each other about a week ago back in Los Angeles, and there's a lot of things we need to talk about."

Amanda Stanton with Josh Murray

But don't thinking that Josh is open to the idea of reconciling with any of his other exes.

Asked if he would consider giving his relationship with Andi Dorfman another chance, Stanton was firm in his response:

"Absolutely not," there's no chance," he replied.

"I really could care less about even talking to her again.

He added:

"When I ended that relationship a while ago, that was the last time I spoke with her and I don't intend to do that again."

It's good that Josh knows his limits.

You should really try to stick on one ill-advised reconciliation at a time.

Best of luck, you crazy kids!

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