Amanda Stanton & Josh Murray: What Caused Their Breakup?

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Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are no longer in a relationship.

That much has been the subject of much speculation over the past few weeks since it emerged that they had gone their separate ways. 

However, there was little insight into what actually went wrong for the pair who met on Bachelor in Paradise earlier this year. 

Josh Murray and Ashley Stanton: In Love!

Now, we're hearing that the final straw came when the pair bickered at the Jingle Ball at the Staples Center

Ashley Iaconetti was apparently to blame for the whole thing by bringing up a trip she and Amanda went on to Lake Tahoe. 

Pretty crazy. Right?

The main issue appeared to stem from Ashley revealing that Amanda was drinking during the trip, which caused Josh to get mad because Amanda lied to him.

Yeah, it's pretty pathetic, but that's not the story people close to Josh are spouting.

Instead, the blame is being put squarely on Amanda for whispering something "nasty" to him. 

Amanda Stanton on BiP

The pair even tried meeting up in the aftermath of the big blowout, but the relationship just seemed over, so both of them decided to call it quits. 

There's nothing quite like staying together when there's just nothing there, is there?

There's no denying that their relationship moved on at a brisk pace. 

They looked so cute together on Bachelor In Paradise

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton Kiss!

If you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, you probably already know that Amanda was originally paired up with Nick Viall early on in the season. 

Yeah, Nick and Josh have a knack for fighting over the same woman. 

Josh made his intentions clear to Amanda pretty quickly that he was looking for a relationship and their relationship blossomed. 

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton Pic

They were engaged and living together, so it's clear they meant a lot to each other. Josh has moved back to Atlanta since the split. 

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