Vanderpump Rules Recap: Regrets Only?

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On Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 18, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney tried to find someone to officiate their upcoming wedding.

Who declined the offer because of their belief - shared by pretty much everyone at this point - that the troubled pair isn't going to last?

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you will already know they have been having a lot of fights, and it was recently revealed part of this was down to Tom's infidelity. 

When the episode got underway, the SUR boss was shocked to hear about the drama in New Orleans and quickly decided to ask Katie about it. 

“What on earth have I heard?” Lisa demanded. “That all you did at your bachelorette party is fight with Schwartzie?” “No,” Katie corrected her. “All Schwartz did at the bachelorette party was argue with people.”

That's why Lisa Vanderpump was shocked to the core when they asked her to officiate their wedding. Lisa takes wedding very seriously and felt like the couple did not. 

L to the VP

She took issue with them arguing in New Orleans when they should have been having a good time. The pair were confused but agreed that they had not set the best example. 

A shocked Lisa revealed in a confessional that the couple is on thin ice and it could tear their nuptials apart. We hear ya, LVP. 

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz on WWHL

Elsewhere, Stassi decided it was about time she got back into the dating world and had her trusty friend, Kristen Doute to help her out. 

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” Stassi revealed, while telling Kristen about her apprehension for using dating apps to find someone. 

Kristen was shocked by the way Stassi looked down on dating apps and took to a confessional to air her feelings. 

“Don’t knock online dating until you try it,” Kristen insisted.

Stassi S.

“I mean, I met the love of my life on a dating app! Be a little more open-minded, bitch.”

The pair then bickered about what to put on Stassi's dating app profile. We later got the reveal that Stassi's first date went well and she was ready for another. 

However, her latest one was actually a blind date. She stopped by Kristen's house, but all Kristen wanted to tell her about was the birds and the bees. 

Kristen Doute in Utah

At the date, Stassi was a fan of the man, but she felt like he was too nice and that they would just not work well together. Maybe it was because the dude got up at or something. 

Finally, the SUR photo shoot was the main attraction for the rest of the hour. Katie was helping plan it because she was Lisa's assistant. 

Schwartz decided to help her out and decided to join the shoot. He also opened up about how sorry he was about cheating on her. 

Katie was quick to shut the whole thing down and said it was best to move on to this new chapter together. 

At the photo shoot, Scheana opened up to Katie about not taking a more active role in her wedding and offered up her services to do whatever Katie wanted her to. 

Scheana Shay Image

Lisa got to see just how far Katie and Tom had come from their bickering ways and had a change of heart about officiating the wedding. 

“Yes, Schwartz and Katie. I am happy and honored now to officiate your wedding,” Lisa revealed.

The couple were ecstatic, but were their issues really in the past?

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