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It wasn’t all that long ago that George W. Bush was the most hated figure in global politics, and for the millions who lost loved ones in the wars he started or terrorist attacks he failed to prevent, he probably retains his place at the top of their sh-t lists.

But for most Americans, negative feelings toward Dubya have softened over the years, particularly as his proverbial Clubber Lange has been replaced by a much more menacing Ivan Drago in the metaphorical task of pummeling the Rocky that is the American electorate.

We guess Mickey is Bernie Sanders in this analogy and Adrian is … Elizabeth Warren? We didn’t really think this through.

Anyway, the point is, Bush was bad, but Trump is much, much worse, and George seems to be relishing the role of “no longer the 21st century’s greatest villain.”

You may have seen Bush struggling mightily with his poncho at Trump’s inauguration, but it seems that was only one of the awesomely hilarious activities he engaged in that day,

The other was succinctly summing up Trump’s address, the 2016 election, and the current state of society as only he can.

According to a report published in New York Magazine this week, at least three individuals heard Bush remark on Trump’s speech thusly:

Donald Trump at a Podium
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“That was some weird sh-t.”

Yes, in just five words, Bush uttered the perfect title for every future history book about the times in which we live.

He wasn’t known as the most articulate commander-in-chief during his time in office, but we defy anyone to offer a more perfectly apt two word description for Trump’s time in office than “weird shit.”

And, of course, the sh-t is only getting weirder by the day.

Was it bizarre to hear a newly-sworn-in president coin the term “American carnage” in front of a sparse crowd on a gray, drizzly day in D.C.?

Donald Trump Inaugural Address Image
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Of course it was, but it wasn’t nearly as outlandish as everything that’s followed.

As we write this, the most bonkers recent development is that former national security adviser Michael Flynn has sought immunity in exchange for testifying in the ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia.

But what’s really crazy is that in all likelihood, by the time you read this, something even more batsh-t will have happened!

Yes, Bush’s comments are undeniably amusing but the weirdness of the sh-tstorm that we’re currently living in is definitely growing tiresome.