Farrah Abraham Reveals Identity of Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy!

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In the weeks since we first learned that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child, speculation about the father's identity has run rampant.

Fans have different theories, and three clear front-runners have emerged among the candidates. But perhaps the answer should be obvious.

At least one fellow Teen Mom star seems to think so!

Farrah Abraham for MTV

No one really knows the truth except for Kailyn and the dad, but that's not stopping Farrah Abraham from acting like the answer is clear as day.

To hear Farrah tell it, we're all idiots for being unsure.

Hollywood Life recently asked Farrah if she has any info on the identity of Kailyn's baby daddy, and to the surprise of no one, she took the bait.

Also to the surprise of no one, she did so obnoxiously:

“It’s not a secret, look and you will know,” Farrah said.

But ... it is a secret?

Kailyn Lowry Pose

Farrah acts as though she's Kailyn Lowry's confidant, or clearly in the know here, but in reality, the two women are far from close friends.

From what we can tell, they barely know one another.

In all likelihood, the Teen Mom: OG firebrand is pretending to have inside info because she has a Trump-like allergy to the words "I don't know."

But just for fun, let's examine Farrah's statement ...

She claims the answer is right before out eyes, but there are two candidates who seem to have presented public evidence to that effect.

Who are the guys fans think are the mystery dad?

Farrah's comment most likely refers to JC Cueva, the Teen Mom 2 producer who has befriended Kailyn - and perhaps more than that.

JC Cueva Photo

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know that the filming format frequently places producers in front of the camera, interacting with the cast.

In that sense, it's not hard to see how this rumor got started, as JC Cueva has been literally visible throughout Kailyn's personal drama.

(For what it's worth, Jeremy Calvert's alleged relationship with another Teen Mom producer, Mandi Venturino, reportedly ended his engagement.)

The nature of Cueva's relationship of Lowry is unclear, but given his closeness to her over the past season, fans think he may be the dad.

Kailyn and JC's relationship has, by definition, unfolded on camera, so that's probably what Farrah means when she says "it's not a secret."

Then again she could be referring to the second option ...

Kailyn Lowry on MTV

Kailyn's dalliance with her friend Chris Lopez also has Teen Mom fans buzzing, especially after a recent Instagram live stream incident.

Lowry appeared to slip up and reveal that Lopez is the father, so maybe he's the baby daddy Farrah is referring to as hiding in plain sight.

Of course, this may come as a shock, but it's possible that Farrah Abraham has absolutely no idea what the s--t she's talking about.

Why pretend otherwise, if that's the case?

Well, Farrah is Farrah, and if she tried to remain out of the loop, or missed a chance to stir the pot, well, that would be the true shocker.

Regardless, it's worth noting that even if Farrah does know who the baby daddy is, she's still clueless with regard to just about everything else.

Never forget that, folks.

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