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Not everyone is a fan of Kim Kardashian and/or the books she pretends to write.

Just the other day, some 74-year old got arrested after vandalizing six copies of Kim’s selfie-based memoir.

But we have a pretty strong feeling the only damage anyone will do to the tome discussed will be to spray one’s sticky seed all over its page.

If you know what we mean.

According to one of the funniest Radar Online stories we’ve read in awhile, Kardashian is considering the release of a nude cookbook.

Yes, a nude cookbook. As in, a cookbook that features family recipes AND photos of Kim Kardashian nude.

We challenge anyone out there to come up with a better idea that a book that will enable readers to feed both their actual appetite and their sexual appetite at the same time.

A video report on Radar claims that "Kim Kardashian has found a new way to line her pockets, even when she doesn’t have any," adding by way of explanation:

"The reality tart is pitching publishers on the idea of a cookbook in which she poses nude next to her favorite recipes."

This may seem like a far-fetched concept, but ask yourself two things:

  1. Would you buy it?
  2. Has Kim ever shown any shyness when it comes to taking off her clothing?

You don’t need to tell us the answer to question number-one. We understand if you’re a bit embarrassed to admit it.

But the answer to question number-two is revealed below:

Before you dismiss this idea as pure nonsense, allow us to direct your attention to David Thorpe’s "Rude Food."

In that cookbook, the late photographer conjures images with subtle juxtapositions of attractive and tastefully nude models, along with an astonishing variety of foodstuffs.

Via Amazon, this allowed him "to create the ultimate in humerous and safe innuendo."

An anonymous insider tells Radar that Kardashian is convinced “her concept will succeed because she thinks she’s in the best shape of her life after having two children."

She does look pretty good at the moment, don’t you think?

A Kim Kardashian Favorite

Last week, The National Enquirer also alleged that Kim was considering a naked cookbook, writing that the wife of Kanye West wanted to show the world her "generous cupcakes."

By this, we assume the publication meant her "very large breasts."

For someone who has been out of the spotlight for months, ever since that scary armed robbery in Paris in early October, this would certainly be a way for Kardashian to get the world talking about her once again.

She could make the talk show rounds.

She could gain new social media followers.

She could recapture all the attention lost to sister Kylie Jenner.

We really don’t see any drawbacks.

Moreover, come on… would this really be the most ridiculous idea for a book from a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family?

Considering the following releases, all of which are 100% real, it may actually be the best.