Blac Chyna: Determined to Get with Kanye West?!

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We'll say one thing about Blac Chyna -- girl has some hustle.

For the past several years, she's worked on climbing her way up to ... well, we're not sure exactly where's she's climbing. To fame? To fortune? To the mythical land of the Famous Baby Daddies?

It's hard to say.

Blac Chyna, New Look

But we do know that she had a relationship and a child with Tyga, back when he was an up-and-coming rapper, and then she had another relationship and another child with Rob Kardashian, arguably one of the richest and most famous male reality stars.

She's trading up, but she's trying to keep it in the family, you know?

So it just makes sense that there are oodles of rumors these days that Chyna is looking to land herself yet another famous Kardashian (or Kardashian-adjacent) guy.

Yep, we have another story about this girl trying to sink her claws in none other than Kanye West.

We first heard of Chyna setting her sights on Kim Kardashian's husband last month, when a source explained that she'd been "cooking up ways to spend more time with him, hoping to make a move when Kim's not around."

Blac Chyna Nude Photo

"Poor Rob had no idea," the source said then. "He's been played like a total fool by Chyna, who's been laughing at him behind his back the whole time they were together and openly going after other men."

"But hitting on Kanye was a low blow even by her standards."

So awful, right? But still, not unimaginable.

After all, it would just sort of fit with her pattern if she went for Kanye, wouldn't it?

And judging by this new report from Star, she's definitely still going for him.

An insider says that "Chyna is finished with Rob, but she's not about to slink off into obscurity" -- perish the thought.

Blac Chyna in a Catsuit

"She's been crushing on Kanye for years, and now that he and Kim are hanging by a thread, she sees her opportunity to move in for the kill."

Remember a few years ago when Chyna and Kim were best friends? Yeah, that makes this idea even more icky.

The source goes on to explain that "Chyna is fame-hungry and hell-bent on staying relevant. She told her friends that Kim and Kanye are as good as over, so why shouldn't she go for him?"

Let's see, maybe because of morals? Kindness? Respect? Any of those things ring a bell?

We didn't think so.

Alas, the source calls Chyna "crafty" because "she'll call Kanye to vent about Rob but then drop in things to stroke his ego."

Blac Chyna... Seduces?

"Chyna will tell him that he's such a brilliant artist and he deserves a strong relationship and a devoted woman. She's planting seeds."

OK, so a few things need to happen here.

One, Blac Chyna needs to back up and consider that perhaps she should start thinking less about what guy she's going to get with next and instead start thinking about why she feels the need to act this messy.

Two, Kim needs to come get her man and straighten this out.

Three, cage match.

And that's just the way it has to be.

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