Beyonce Pregnancy: It's Hard, But Worthwhile!

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Beyonce is making pregnancy look easy these days.

Last week, the beloved superstar shared a few new photos of her baby bump, posing in style and looking as beautiful as ever.

She also shared some pictures of her and daughter Blue Ivy having fun on Snapchat.

But while all may look pleasant and easy for Beyonce at the moment, a source tells E! News that her fans should not be deceived.

Beyonce Pics

The singer is struggling a bit.

An insider tells this typically reliable outlet that Beyonce is having a "harder time this pregnancy" when it comes to "keeping up her energy," a tidbit that really ought to come as no surprise.

The artist is having twins, after all.

That means she has, like, twice as many babies in her womb as she had the last time she was expecting.

Still, this doesn't mean Beyonce is having any second thoughts or regrets. She understands her situation. And she's grateful for it.

"She loves being pregnant," the same insider adds.

Beyonce and Baby Bump

Beyonce and Jay Z announced this blessed development on February 1.

They did so in their usual fashion, controlling their own narrative and revealing just enough about the babies on their way, while still keeping certain pieces of information (such as gender and due date) a mystery.

"We would like to share our love and happiness," the beloved couple wrote on Instagram, along with an artistic image of Beyonce pregnant.

The musicians concluded their simple statement as follows:

"We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - The Carters."

Since this time, neither Bey nor Jay has really spoken out on the pregnancy.

But Beyonce did perform at the Grammys and the stars did sit front row last month at the NBA All-Star Game. They haven't exactly gone into hiding.

Beyonce: Pregnant for the Oscars

Delving further into Beyonce's life at the moment, E! News writes that the star has maintained her typically health-conscious diet, yet she's less strict with it now than when two people are not growing inside of her.

"She splurges when she wants to and hasn't taken her weight gain as a negative thing," the website writes, adding:

"She is a confident women in her skin whatever size she is [and] embraces it."

You better believe that Beyonce won't be documenting her urgent need to shed the baby weight after she gives birth in the near future, unlike certain other celebrities who may or may not remain nameless.

(Kim Kardashian.)

In closing, this revealing updates makes two notes that may be of interest to anyone in the Beyhive or anyone who likes to circle around the Beyhive:

ONE: Beyonce and Jay Z do, indeed, knows the genders of their upcoming children. But they are keeping that information to themselves.

TWO: Forget what you heard in the past about any kind of marital strife. No divorce is imminent. Everything is all good.

"The love [between Jay Z and Beyoncé] is authentic and real," the source shares, adding of Beyonce's rapping other half:

"Jay is a good dad and husband. He'd do anything for Bey."

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