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Ashley Graham showed off her breakfast on Instagram on Tuesday. 

The model showed off her curves and breasts in a video, but there was something different about the video: Graham opted to use bagels as a bra. 

Ashley Graham Attends Benefit

No, we are not even kidding.

It’s certainly a different image to wake up to on Instagram. It also showed off Graham’s sense of humor and, of course, her huge breasts. 

She was, like, smiling while posing with the bagels. Not many celebrities can say they have that on their resume, right?

Who can say they’ve woken up and jiggled their boobies on Instagram? Ashley Graham can!

Have a look at the video below.

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The video was posted by Glamour Fashion editor Jillian Davison with the following caption, “I love bread xxx.”

The friends were clearly having a fun breakfast to start playing with their food.

29-year-old Graham spends her time sharing fun pictures and videos with her Instagram followers and generally looking like she’s having a fun time doing so. 

Ashley Graham Grazia pic

Graham has crafted a solid career as a model over the years. She branched out, however, during the Miss USA 2016 pageant and also appeared on a DNCE music video. 

In addition, she has been an advocate for positive vibes about appearances and posts videos to empower people to be happy with their body. 

Ashley Graham Bikini

What do you think about Ashley showing off her bagels to her 3.6 million followers?

Was it comical, or just too far?

Hit the comments below!