Vanderpump Rules Recap: Cold Beers and Many Tears

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Tom and Katie's awkward, tension-filled journey to matrimony continued Monday night on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 15.

Before the couple, who somehow determined marriage was a good idea, can make it to the altar, first they had to make it to New Orleans.

When the episode got underway, Kristen showed up at Stassi's apartment to help her pack her clothes for New Orleans. Stassi was quick to point out that she was worried nothing would go to plan. 

She went as far as saying that she felt like it was her wedding. Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, Stassi. 

The friends switched gears to chat about Stassi's failed relationship with Patrick. She linked back to her relationship drama with Jax, before bursting into tears. 

Kristen comforted her, telling her that they have New Orleans to look forward to. 

The drama moved over to Tom and Ariana's apartment, with the couple opening up to Ariana's mother about Katie sending them mean texts. 

Apparently, Katie felt like she already had a reputation for texting abuse, so she decided to continue it on that basis. Um, okay. 


"The only thing I've said about her lately is that she's mad all the time and I don't know if it's just because she's stressed out about planning her wedding," Ariana reasoned. 

Her mother questioned whether Katie could have cold feet about the wedding. Tom and Ariana looked on in horror. 

James then showed up at PUMP because he was allowed to work a party that he was assigned to before he got the boot. 

As expected, Lisa was apprehensive about the whole thing, but her hands were tied because the client asked specifically for him. 

L to the VP

When James attempted to thank Ken, he was quick to reveal that he and Lisa did not invite him. Basically, James would still be in the gutter if it was not for the Daily Mail. 

At Scheana's party, Tom told Jax that Katie was reverting to her old ways. This conversation went down while Katie sulked and complained that Tom was avoiding her. 

It boggles the mind why she did not think to go speak to him at the party and left it all down to him. 

Scheana decided to chat with Tom about the way things were going and offered up some advice to him. Jax looked on in horror at the prospect of taking advice from Scheana and made fun of her in a confessional. 

Scheana Shay Image

"Getting marriage advice from Scheana is like getting sobriety advice from Shay. Kind of pointless."

That was a low blow considering how Scheana and Shay were battling to keep their relationship going strong. 

Later, Katie was grilled by Tom about the way she acted when she was drunk. 

"I have limits and when I reach those limits, I explode," the future wife of Tom Schwartz revealed. 

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you will already know that Katie drinks and sends horrible text messages on a weekly basis. 

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Selfie

The group made their way to New Orleans and LVP upgraded Tom and Katie's room. That's sort of what the SUR boss does when she knows her minions are off on a vacation. 

Surprisingly, Stassi ordered room service to Tom and Katie's room, crashing their chat. You could tell she was feeling lonely because all of her friends were hitting milestones in their lives. 

On their first night on Bourbon Street, Tom Sandoval decided to open his mouth about all the arguing and put Katie on blast for the way she treated Lala. 

Katie was furious about the whole thing and said she did not want to talk about Lala. Might this be because she knew she was in the wrong?

Mike and Scheana Shay Pic

Scheana and Shay showed up late to the party because they were celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Scheana gifted Shay with a Boudoir book that he seemed to love. 

Did he get to keep it when the marriage crumbled? We have no idea. 

Stassi confided in Brittany about the way she felt, but a drunken Jax joined in. Stassi had a go at him for the way he treated her and he actually apologized. 

This did not sit well with Brittany because she felt like Jax could apologize to Stassi, but not her. Brittany stormed off. 

Will any of the couples make it out of the season together?

Finally, LVP told James that there was no chance he would be asked to return to work for her. He was upset, but the LVP had spoken. 

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