The Bachelor Recap: Who Made the Final Three?!

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While The Bachelor spoilers have hinted at the outcome of the hometown dates for weeks, we never factored in the return of Nick's ex.

His first Bachelor ex, from 2014.

On The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 9, Nick Viall finds none other than Andi Dorfman, former The Bachelorette star, at his hotel door.

What surprises lie in store?

Not surprisingly ... AD just wanted to talk about Nick's life choices before he went to the Fantasy Suite with any of the remaining girls.

For reals. That was it.

After Nick reminds her that the last time she knocked on his hotel room door, it was to dump him, Nick talks to Andi about this season.

He's not planning on getting engaged to The Bachelor winner just because he’s The Bachelor, he says, not that we believe him whatsoever.

As for Viall's Fantasy Suite prospects, the fact that Andi made love to Nick in such a setting is not lost on her - nor is it a regret.

Nick and Andi Dorfman

Awkward as it is, as long as he can still see himself genuinely getting engaged to any of the women left, Andi says he should go for it.

Talk about a supportive ex.

Nick's issue, of course, is narrowing it down. Not even among the Fantasy Suite invitees, but the four women whose families he met.

That's right, he still hasn't eliminated a hometown date winner and he has no idea who he will send home. But he must make a choice.

At the rose ceremony, he shocks a lot of fans by giving Rachel Lindsay a rose, given that she's already been named as The Bachelorette.

For whatever reason, the announcement of Rachel Lindsay as The Bachelorette led to the assumption that she was the next to go.

Not the case, as we told you.

Rachel Lindsay with Nick Viall

Instead, it's Corinne Olympios who gets the boot, her fake tears and platinum vagine sent riding off into the limo/sunset/mall ... whatever.

Corinne is no longer in it, nor will she win it, but she promises us that, with God is her witness, she will never kiss up to a man again.

Phew. That's finally over.

For the aforementioned, highly sexualized Fantasy Suites, producers threw a little cold water on Nick by sending the hornball to Finland.

He says he couldn't imagine a more magical place to fall in love than Lapland, above the Arctic Circle. We're guessing a beach works.

Anyway, lest you thought we were done with bombshells for the week, first up is Raven Gates' secret that we told you about yesterday.

Oh, this one is doozy ... sort of.

Raven Gates Pic

Raven is kicking herself for not telling Nick she loved him in Arkansas, though mud wrestling him half naked did get the point across.

Gates has never told anyone she loved them - not even her ex-boyfriend of the previous two years - nor has she ever had an orgasm.

Not once. She said this.

What's remarkable about this is that Gates shared it on national TV, not that it's true, but hey, it says more about Raven's ex, arewerite?

In any case, Raven accepts the invitation to the Fantasy Suite, where she meets up with Nick and his uncomfortable looking turtleneck.

Will he be THE ONE to take her to the Oh-Zone for the first time in her young life on this hot night in Finland? Viewers can only hope.

And wait until next week.

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