The Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Boots Three Wannabes

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We were promised plenty of in-fighting  this season, and The Bachelor spoilers have been alarmingly accurate in that regard so far.

The predictions of who Nick Viall takes to the final four have also held up to this point, but would there be a surprise in store this week?

Monday night on The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 6, tensions rose between some of the women as they jetted off to the Virgin Islands. 

We know, it's almost astonishing to believe.

Picking up where last week left off, Taylor tried to take one last parting shot at Corinne Olympios, after losing their two-on-one date.

“I want you to open your eyeballs,” Taylor tells Nick, who informs her this had nothing to do with Corinne, a.k.a. "I'm not into you bai."

At the rose ceremony, he boots Josephine, Jaimi and Alexis, while the usual suspects and Whitney (who's still around?) get to advance.

Soon it's on to St. Thomas, where Kristina, Jasmine and the aforementioned Whitney have STILL yet to go on a one-on-one with Nick.

Until the first date goes to ... Kristina!

Kristina (The Bachelor)

As Jasmine melts down, Kristina takes the opportunity to tell Nick her life story, which began in Russia growing up without food as a kid.

“I remember eating lipstick,” she said at one point, recalling her days in an orphanage, and leaving behind her mother who is now dead.

As she put it, it was move to America when she got a little older, or stay back in her home country, where “it’s so easy to turn to prostitution.”

Kristina says someone told her back then, “If you stay in Russia, it will be black and white. If you move to America, it will be in color.”

What do you think of THAT, Mr. Putin?! COLORS, baby.

An American family who have three other adopted kids and four more biological kids took her in, and Nick was blown away by the story.

“When I’m with you, you bring color to my life,” says Nick, who had to cringe at using her story for a bad play on words, but still. Sweet.

Whitney (The Bachelor)

Danielle L. and Whitney (above, pictured) then got a two-on-one date, while Jasmine further melted down and Corinne wasn't far off.

“I’m going to sleep,” she says, most likely drunk.

When Nick gives her attention, Vanessa and Rachel get upset, and Jasmine decides to confront Nick, because “I’m so mad at him.”

“I like him so much but I want to choke him.”

That word choice feels even more odd when Jasmine brings up the choking threat again shortly thereafter, but acts like it's hot or something.

“No girl’s ever choked you before?” she asks, causing Nick Viall - of all people - to say this is getting awkward and show her the exit.

Raven gets the group date rose, while Jasmine goes out in style (or something) and the Danielle and Whitney prepare for their 2-on-1 ...

Jasmine G. (The Bachelor)

The pressure is on. As Danielle puts it:

“99 percent of the time only one person comes back,” she says ... pretty sure it's 100, unless that last one percent is when he axes both.

Maybe she had visions of her future.

“As much as I really want to give it to you, in my heart I feel like I can’t,” Nick says, before eliminating Whitney, to Danielle's delight.

“I really feel like we’re on the same page right now,” Danielle tells Nick before he also sends her home (likely on a different page now).

Nick, while we give him a hard time over his sexual exploits, is clearly sad about dumping so many women in the span of like 25 minutes.

He ends the episode on a somber note.

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