Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Did Stevie J Really Cheat On Faith Evans?

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Stevie J has been trying to make his relationship with Faith Evans work, but that was thrown into question on Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 8

As the episode got underway, Stevie was in the studio recording a music video for Alexis. You could tell he was ecstatic that she was pretty sure to become a success. 

However, Tommie showed up, wondering why Stevie was not focusing on her career and dropped the bomb that she was being accused of murdering a dog. 

This shocked Stevie, who revealed that he was going to Yung Joc's party. Tommie felt like Stevie was going to screw up his relationship with Faith if he went. 

Stevie shrugged her concerns off and went to the party. Things quickly got out of hand when the ladies stripped down and went in the hot tub. Stevie was all over them, while telling the camera he should get out. 

Stevie J Chomps on Cigar

The next morning, Savannah read the riot act to Stevie, who denied anything happened. He changed his tune when Savannah revealed that she was sent videos. 

She said that her father had issues with lying and that he had probably screwed up his relationship with Faith. Stevie understood that he had screwed up, but was too scared to call his girl. 

After that, Savannah threw a surprise party for Sade and it showed us just how far these sisters have come from the days of their constant bickering. 

Stevie J Chills Out

Sade then quizzed her father about the car she was meant to get. He played a joke on her and gave her a toy car. She was not impressed, but she did see the funny side of things. 

Later, Stevie met Faith with a horse and carriage and tried to get her to move to Atlanta be with him. 

Faith shut it down pretty much off the bat and revealed that she knew Steve was not faithful to her and stormed off, saying that she was not being played. 

Stevie continued to try and talk to her, but Faith said she was not silly and felt like he was trying to use her. In the end, she decided that they were over for good. 

Faith Evans

She agreed to remain friends with Stevie, but there was no way she would stick with Stevie to be hurt again. They kissed it out and parted ways. 

Stevie returned home and revealed to Sade and Savannah that he got them new cars. The pair were glad and went to see them. Sadly, they were not impressed that Faith ended things with Stevie. 

The kids left and Stevie revealed that he still had a lot of growing up to do before he could settle down with someone he loved. 

Stevie J Photograph

Will that person be Faith, or will it be someone new entirely?

Faith does seem over it, but we'll never really know if she does not appear again. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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