Scott Disick: Give Me a Home Renovation Show!

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Due the marital breakdown between Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa, the future of Flip or Flop on HGTV is in question.

According to most reports, the ongoing season will soon be over and then the series will be over for good.

However... have no fear, lovers of home renovation shows!

For starters, there are approximately 172 other versions of this program on HGTV.

Scott Disick is Annoying

But now also comes the news that Scott Disick wants to leave his mark in this entertainment space.

An insider tells Life & Style that Disick is looking to anchor his very own reality show.

Considering the unstable nature of his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, Scott understands that his future on Keeping Up with the Kardashians may be bleak.


He wants to star on a program that will be "a home-makeover reality show in which he flips houses mixed with plenty of his hard-partying antics," claims an anonymous source.

Read that again: A home-makeover reality show in which he flips houses mixed with plenty of his hard-partying antics.

How has E! not already given this idea a green light and a six season guarantee?!?

Scott Disick at his "Office"

Disick purchased a home in Hidden Hills, California for $5.95 million in December 2015 and sold it for $8.8 million just six months later.

So he does have some experience in making money off real estate.

He also has experience in drinking quite heavily, so this proposed concept is right up his douchey alley.

And with Kim Kardashian's future on Keeping Up with the Kardashians up in the air, Life & Style claims that Scott's proposal has Kris Jenner’s full approval.

She'd likely be on board as a producer, desperate to keep her money train chugging along.

“Interior design pros are auditioning for the series [already],” a different insider alleges.

Scott Disick in Sunglasses

Last week, we reported on claims that Kylie Jenner also may soon star in her own spinoff.

Following that awful robbery in Paris in October, Kim really is keeping her distance from the spotlight, meaning other family members may need to soon step it up.

"Cameras will follow Kylie around to her glitzy photo shoots and glamorous nights out at LA clubs," Life & Style has written of this spinoff concept.

Kylie is "determined to be even bigger than her sister," another insider says of Jenner's plans a few days ago, adding:

“Ratings for KUWTK have dropped, so Kris is hoping Kylie’s show will make her millions."

There have been many different Kardashian family shows over the years, of course.

Khloé Kardashian’s Revenge Body is currently airing on Thursday night, while Rob & Chyna recetly finished off its first season.

Prior to that, Khloe and then-husband Lamar Odom starred in their own show, while Kourtney and her sisters have taken over Miami and The Hamptons on various occasions.

Which of these proposed ideas are you more likely to watch?

The Kylie Jenner show or the Scott Disick show?

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