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Tarek and Christina El Moussa are saying all the right things about each other.

The hosts of Flip or Flop on HGTV, Tarek and Christina have come across like a model couple throughout the impressive run of this home renovation and real estate show.

So it came as quite a shock last month when they announced their separation.

It came as an even bigger shock when we learned that the reality stars had actually been living apart since May, ever since an argument led to a scary situation that involved Tarek, the police and a gun.

Flip or Flop Poster

Still, the parents of an adorable six-year old and a precious one-year old have come across as supportive and professional in public.

"Like many couples, we have had challenges in our marriage,” Tarek and Christina said in a statement when the separation was first announced, acknowledged the fight and subsequent 911 call from the spring of 2016.

"We had an unfortunate misunderstanding about six months ago and the police were called to our house in an abundance of caution.

"There was no violence and no charges were filed…

"During [this separation] process, we are committed to our kids and being the best parents we can be."

Tarek shared a photo of himself and his daughter a few days later and even defended Christina against online critics.

"She’s a great person and mom," Tarek responded to a hater of his estranged wife in mid-December. "We have had many many struggles that’s all."

So, yes, this marriage may be over.

But everything is nice and amicable, right?

Tarek and Christina El Moussa Tabloid

Maybe not.

According to various sources, Tarek and Christina were going to keep filming their reality series for the forseeable future…

… but a new In Touch Weekly report states this isn’t because they are getting along so well.

It’s because they are being threatened by HGTV if they do not.

“This is getting really ugly,” a source with the network tells the tabloid, expounding as follows:

“HGTV is livid with Tarek and Christina. Flip or Flop just won’t be the same if they’re not together, so [executives] desperately want them to reunite to save the show."

That simply isn’t going to happen.

Tarek filed for divorce this week.

"If they can’t do that, the network wants them to make it seem like they’re getting along, at least until their contract is over," the source continues.

"They were given an ultimatum: Either finish out your contracts or we’ll take you to court [for breach of contract]. The network basically said, ‘You guys need to work together, be seen together as a family, walk down the street together.’”

So it’s possible that all these niceties being uttered back and forth are just for show?

Just to help future Flip or Flop ratings? That’s sad to think about.

The El Moussas

Tarek and Christina are doing as they’re told, according to this report.

They spent Christmas together as a family, hanging out and opening presents with kids Taylor and Brayden.

But this same insider alleges that Christina may have an ulterior motive:

“She wants to cooperate with HGTV because she is gunning to get her own show,” the source claims, adding:

“She’s upset because she knows that if she doesn’t cooperate, she might never get her own show, which is now her dream.”

Hey, we should all have dreams.

But anyone who watches Flip or Flop must be aware that Christina does very little, at least compared to Tarek.

She offers up some design suggestions here and there, and she looks very pretty. But… well… that’s about it.

Can you envision her getting her own spinoff? Would you tune in for it if this happened?