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Long-suffering Anna Duggar is ready to end her marriage to Josh Duggar at long last, according to a shocking new and detailed report.

Yep. After a tumultuous two years of scandals, toiling away as a single parent, and who knows what else behind closed doors, it’s over.

Probably. He’s not getting any, though, that’s for darn sure.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo
Photo via Facebook

While we simply can’t believe certain aspects of this report until she physically leaves, we can probably tell you this much with certainty:

Reports of Anna Duggar pregnant for the fifth time are false.

How do we know this conclusively, you may ask? Well …

“Anna and Josh share the same bed, but she never has sex with him anymore. She just does not want to,” a source dished to In Touch.

Understandable. After enduring the multitude, sordid scandals of 2015, we can’t imagine she’s keen on letting Josh get on top of her.

Even she believes he’s truly sorry following his trip to rehab slash Christian labor camp, it’s gotta be tough getting in the "mood," y’know?

Anna and Josh Duggar: Bible Launch Event in D.C.

Dude is lucky he still gets to share her bed for sleeping.

There are some things you can forgive, but are still impossible to forget, and while she’s stood by him dutifully, Anna is still pretty disgusted.

The idea that he made a career promoting "family values" as a lobbyist while living a double life as a cheater and an online porn addict?

While she raised the man’s kids, no less? It just hurts. Bad.

“Anna feels Josh that put her through hell with his disgusting behavior, so she believes that she is completely justified," says the source.

An unexpected catalyst pushing Anna to her breaking point?

Anna Keller Duggar
Photo via TLC

Josh is going to court for ganking LA DJ and photographer Matthew McCarthy’s photo to use on his OkCupid and Ashley Madison pages.

Although his cheating on her via those websites is not news, the case serves as a trigger for Anna, who’s getting increasingly sick over it.

"She wants nothing to do with the case and is toying with the idea of divorce," says the source. "Anna is sickened by the lawsuit.”

“It’s a major reason for her deciding to [finally] leave Josh.”

Sometimes one straw really can break a camel’s back.

Allegedly, Anna has taken a major step towards divorce and has made introductions with a divorce attorney who can get her out of there.

Anna, Joshua Duggar
Photo via Twitter

“Anna has spoken to the lawyer on the phone,” a family insider said, noting that “she’s been putting off the meeting for some time."

The reason for her hesitation is obvious: 

"She was terrified of being spotted at their office," the source says, until she was sure, "but she is now finally ready to make the move."

"[She] will be visiting the attorney in the next week or so.”

Anna’s top concern is Mackynzie, 7, Michael, 5, Marcus, 3, and Meredith, 1, because Josh’s scandals “took a terrible toll on the kids.”

A divorce, however justified, will take a toll as well.

Anna reportedly doesn’t have any hard feelings toward Josh’s parents Jim Bob Duggar, 51, and Michelle Duggar, 50, over any of this.

Still, she wants out and feels that she “has to protect her children’s future, and the only way she can do that is with a multimillion-dollar payout.”

Oh yes. We could be gearing up for an epic court battle, as she’s not afraid of "squeezing every penny out of him she can,” the source said. 

The Duggar family, of course, has plenty of money.

Whether that matters in the context of her marriage to Josh is an open question, especially since he’s selling cars to pay the bills lately.

Anna “can ask for a huge amount in spousal support because the Duggar family is worth many millions,” a lawyer not affiliated with her said.

It seems dubious that Jim Bob and Michelle would be on the hook for Josh’s hypothetical divorce settlement, but again, we don’t know.

Exactly how the Duggars supported 19 kids is something of a mystery, but you have to think a big part of their income came from TLC.

And still does. You can still watch Counting On online – with the occasional Josh Duggar wedding cameo – or on television to this day.

What do you think: Should Anna Duggar leave Josh? Even if she wants do, can she actually summon the courage to follow through?

Hit the comments below to discuss.