Donald Trump: Bizarre Work Habits, Love of Bathrobes Revealed

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Obviously, Americans no longer hold elected officials to the lofty moral or intellectual standards of our forefathers, and we suppose that's to be expected.

However, we don't think it's too much to ask that American presidents not favor the same attire and work habits of Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski.

Yesterday, the New York Times published a scathing piece about the president's unorthodox schedule and the haphazard fashion in which his team is running the White House.

Donald Trump Inaugural Address Image

Not surprisingly, Trump and company have already slammed the criticism as "fake news."

That's the Donald's way of responding to just about every negative report about his disastrous executive orders, his glaring lack of experience, the fact that he's basically allowed Steve Bannon to take over as president, etc.

In fairness, in this case, the Trump team doesn't really have much choice other than to pretend they're the victims of a vast media conspiracy, because if the Times report is true, the nation's future is basically in the hands of your sophomore year dorm-mate.

According to the Times, Trump basically enjoys three things:

Television, bathrobes, and chillaxin'.

Donald Trump: A Photo

The report claims that Trump is thoroughly enjoying the bachelor life (It now looks as though Melania Trump will not move to D.C., as was originally planned.), clocking out and donning his presidential bathrobe at 6:30 every evening.

According to the Times, Trump then spends the evening watching television and complaining about media personalities who criticize him.

Sadly, this is all in keeping with what we already know about Trump's evenings.

We were already aware that despite frequent boasts about his intellect, the president doesn't read books, but instead consumes television shows voraciously.

It's a curious habit, as TV seems to only further outrage Trump.

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump

Trump tweets about SNL on a regular basis, as Alec Baldwin can tell you, but he mysteriously chose to sit out this week (at least on Twitter).

He was reportedly so infuriated with Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on the most recent episode that for once, he actually decided to keep his rage to himself.

This may all sound like a collection of harmless quirks (though recent polls have shown that most Americans would prefer that the 45th POTUS stop tweeting altogether) but like anything a chief executive does, it has ramifications.

Trump's absence in the Oval Office is already said to be having a significant impact on his administration's agenda.

Steve Bannon in the White House

White House sources say that Trump's truncated work days have allowed Bannon (who reportedly puts in 80-hour weeks) to seize control.

Tellingly, Bannon was the first to speak out on the allegations of haste and disorder within the Trump administration:

“We are moving big and we are moving fast,” Bannon said. “We didn’t come here to do small things.”

Spicer has denied the reports of his boss' indolence, claiming that Trump doesn't even own a bathrobe, to which we say:

Donald Trump Bathrobe Photo

How can a man own a chain of luxury hotels but not a single bathrobe?

You have to start being more selective with your BS, Seany.


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