Kate Upton: Acting like a F-cking Diva Over Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover?

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Kate Upton is as beautiful as it gets on the outside.

According to a bombshell new report, however, the voluptuous model is dark and conniving and kind of evil on the inside.

Allow us to explain in further, alleged detail...

Kate Upton is So Pretty

On Monday, February 13, Sports Illustrated will release its annual Swimsuit Edition, likely prepared to deal with the backlash that accompanies this rollout on a yearly basis.

But while the publication is used to dealing with complaints from customers, The New York Post writes that SI was forced to deal with an unexpected internal problem while lining up sexy photos for the issue this time aroun.

And that problem centered around Upton, her large breasts and her even bigger ego.

Just like last year, the 2017 version of the Swimsuit edition is expected to feature three covers: on that stars Serena Williams, one that stars 63-year-old model Christie Brinkley and one that stars Upton.

(In 2016, the three covers depicted Ashley Graham, Hailey Clauson and Ronda Rousey in body paint and/or bikinis.)

Well... one that maybe stars Upton.

An insider tells Page Six that Upton stirred up a lot of "drama" throughout her bathing suit-based suit.

Kate Upton from the Back

“Kate demanded that if she did the shoot, that she absolutely must get the cover," the newspaper writes, adding of Upton:

"She also had a list of photographers and hair and makeup people she would only work with.”

Those latter demands are probably not unusual for a celebrity of Upton's stature.

But Upton has already appeared on the Sports Illustrated cover in 2012 and 2013 and those close to this situation say he attitude and behavior have been anything but appropriate.

"She was being a big f -cking diva," an insider claims. "She’s thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s an actress."

Wait... she is?!?

Kate Upton and Her Cleavage

The busty blonde did appear in The Other Woman three years ago, opposite Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz.

But the comedy wasn't exactly embraced by movie critics.

She has three films in post-production at the moment, including one directed by William H. Macy and another by James Franco.

In 2015, Upton - who is engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander - was the subject of a New York Post article discussing whether her “ego is ruining her career."

One modeling industry veteran said that her “demands became ridiculous.”

We can't wait to see how Upton responds to this uproar.

As we've seen in the past, Upton is unafraid to speak her mind.

The only real move that Upton ought to take here is to stage some kind of coup.

Screw Sports Illustrated, right?!?

Why not just pose for a bunch of naked photos on your own and release them on Instagram for all to see?

We see no other option for you to take, Kate. Do it. Do it. Do it RIGHT NOW.

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