Brandi Glanville: I'm Naked & I Look BETTER Than Lisa Rinna!

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Suffice it to say, it's been a rough couple of years for Real-Housewives-star-turned-professional-selfie-poster Brandi Glanville.

Aside from the occasional rumor about Brandi banging LeAnn Rimes' ex, she really only only gets headlines for one thing these days:

Showing a lot of skin on social media.

Fortunately, she's so good at posing for racy selfies that she continues to surprise us with them, and she can do it in her sleep.


Brandi Glanville: Naked on Instagram (Again)

Brandi has a new boyfriend these days, and apparently he shares her lack of shyness when it comes to scantily-clad selfies.

He posted the above post-coital pic late last night.

Despite what presumably transpired moments earlier, it's as modest as a photo of two naked people lying in bed together can be.

Of course, nudity is the Internet's second favorite thing behind immediately resorting to name-calling during political debates.

So naturally, the pic is getting a lot of attention.

And since nothing that Brandi does on social media is accidental, many believe this pic was carefully timed to steal the spotlight from one of her former co-stars ...

Lisa Rinna Nude

Just yesterday, RHOBH mainstay Lisa Rinna posted a nude photo and was widely praised for not shying away from going full frontal at 53.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you likely remember that Brandi and Lisa didn't get along particularly well.

And by that we mean that the two women were standoffish at first, then soon hated each other with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.

And this wasn't some made-for-TV feud either.

The hatred is so real between Brandi and Lisa that while they are no longer co-stars, they still take shots at one another every chance they get.

Brandi Glanville: 2016 NBCUniversal Summer Press Day

Just last month, Brandi called Lisa a bald anorexic seemingly for no other reason than to remind the world they just don't get along.

So yeah, when Brandi's boyfriend posts a random nude photo of them both the day after Lisa was applauded for nude pics of her own?

It's hard to believe it was just a coincidence.

These two are in the midst of a Biggie and Tupac-caliber housewife beef, but they're settling it with nudity instead of bullets.

Come to think of it, perhaps they're onto something, and that's how all disputes should be settled in this social media era.

How fast would the situation in the Middle East get resolved if there was nudity involved, and exchanged, on a regular basis?

We'll never know until we find out, but you have to admit it's an intriguing proposition and nothing else has worked in centuries.

Besides, the threat of a Cheeto-donged Donald Trump showing up at a peace summit wearing nothing but an unnecessarily long tie?

We're not experts in international relations, but tell us that wouldn't be enough to get all parties to sort things out real quick.

Now where's our Nobel Peace Prize, dammit?

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