Beyonce Baby Names: What Could They Be?!?

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Beyonce and Jay Z are here to save America, people.

While we have many reasons to be very afraid for what lies ahead over the next several months, we also now have one crazy exciting reason to be... well... crazy excited:


We don't know the names of the kids just yet, but that isn't stopping us from speculating and/or from offering up the following suggestions:

1. White Carnation

White Carnation
See? Because Blue is a color and Ivy is a plant? Don't worry. We have plenty more along these lines from which the couple can choose.

2. Purple Iris

Purple Iris
In honor of Prince.

3. Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood
Pink and Blue?!? Come on. It's too perfect.

4. Yellow Jasmine

Yellow Jasmine
Actually, we take it back. We may want to use this one for our own children.

5. Red Azalea

Red Azalea
Hmm... you're right. This one has probably been ruined by Iggy and Banks.

6. Violet Sage

Violet Sage
Come on. That one is just beautiful.

7. Aqua Orchid

Aqua Orchid
It sort of has alliteration going for it.

8. Gold Algae

Gold Algae
Nevermind. Sorry. They can't all be winners.

9. Green Moss

Green Moss
Doesn't really have a great flow, does it? It's more descriptive of actual moss.

10. Canary Confier

Canary Confier
Just call him or her "CC." Adorable!

11. Coral Glaucophyte

Coral Glaucophyte
It doesn't roll off your tongue, but give it a chance to grow on you.

12. Auburn Ambrosia

Auburn Ambrosia
For a girl, probably.

13. Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo
Incredibly, "Black" wouldn't even be the dumbest celebrity baby name out there.

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