The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 9 Recap: Miss Mystic Falls 2.0

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Anyone for some Miss Mystic Falls?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 9, the CW hit begun to embrace the end and threw back to one of the most iconic moments of the entire series. 

However, this iteration of one of the town's best events was more deadlier than before. That's sort of what happens when you have both the Ripper and the Siren in attendance. 

Miss Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 9

As the episode got underway, Damon and Stefan bonded over killing some dude in a bar, but Sybil just had to call Damon to ruin the fun. She wanted the brothers to make their back to Mystic Falls in order help her find the artifact. 

Stefan was against returning, but Damon agreed without really thinking it through. This continued to prove to Stefan that there was something iffy about Damon's humanity. 

Meanwhile, Bonnie returned from her trip to Paris with Enzo and wasted no time in meeting up with Caroline. Caroline was floored by a mysterious vial around Bonnie's neck.

That vial was filled with Enzo's blood and it made Caroline question whether Bonnie wanted to become a vampire in order to spend an eternity with Enzo. 

Bonnie Is On A Mission on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 2

Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call from Seline, who wanted them to meet her to hear her out.

At the meeting, Seline claimed that it was imperative that they did not allow Sybil to get all of the pieces of the artifact, or there would be trouble in store. 

Seline made it clear that her intention was to kill Sybil in order to try and do something good in her life, but Caroline struggled to believe her because of the way she acted when she was giving off serious Nanny Carrie vibes. 

Seline Is Scared on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1

Caroline got on the phone to Matt to let him know about Seline, so he and Dorian continued to work together to locate where the other pieces of the artifact could be. 

At the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, Caroline was shocked by the arrival of Stefan, Damon and Sybil and made it clear that she would not let them ruin the day. 

Caroline noticed that Damon was still fighting Sybil off from his subconscious and used it to her advantage.

She told him to keep her out of his mind, but Sybil appeared to continue her reign of terror to get him on her side. 

Stefan flipped and stabbed Damon and left him lying next to Sybil, who Damon had knocked out just before. 

Caroline was chatting to the girls, but Stefan appeared and murdered one of them. He then told Caroline that he fed all of them his blood, so they would start the transition. 

Caroline "murdered" Stefan, but he came back to life because of his deal with Cade and the pair bickered about how long Stefan would be the Ripper. Caroline was shocked to learn that he actually enjoyed it. 

Stefan left, leaving Caroline to school the transitioning girl on what would become of her.

The girl wanted to die, but Caroline spoke about everything she had accomplished since becoming a vampire and it helped the girl change her stance on all of it. 

Bonnie and Enzo on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 9

Enzo and Bonnie argued about Bonnie not becoming a vampire because of everything she witnessed her friends go through, but she said that Enzo could be cured and it was clear he was thinking it through. 

We ended the episode with Sybil attacking Damon, seemingly turning his humanity back on. 

The Brothers Reunite On The Vampire Diaries

Things are definitely getting deadlier in Mystic Falls but is there any way either of the Salvatores can be redeemed at this stage?

What did you think of the drama?

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