Taylor Lianne Chandler's Alleged Fiance: We're Not Even Dating!

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Earlier this week, we reported that on New Year's Eve, Taylor Lianne Chandler got engaged to an Air Force major, whom she claimed to have been dating since October.

The information came to us via an anonymous email and seemed to be confirmed by posts on Chandler's verified Facebook and Twitter pages:

Taylor Chandler Tweet

Now, however, we have ample reason to believe that Chandler is intentionally misleading her followers as part of a bizarre effort to upstage the man whose coattails she rode to a modicum of ill-gotten fame, Michael Phelps.

As you may recall, Chandler first made a name for herself by boasting to the media that she had dated the swimmer and was with Phelps the night he was arrested for DUI.

She went on to build a career for herself out of what now appears to have been a one-night stand, even going so far as to star in a Phelps-themed porn produced by Vivid Entertainment.

Phelps married Nicole Johnson back in June in a small private ceremony, and the couple celebrated their nuptials over the holiday weekend with a larger and more public reception.

That same day, Chandler posted a Periscope video in which she admitted to being in a "really bad mood" due to news she received about an ex.

Shortly thereafter, the anonymous source began spreading the word that Chandler's Air Force major boyfriend had surprised her by popping the question at a New Year's Eve party.

This morning, we received an email from the majorĀ (whose name we've chosen not to repeat for the sake of his and his children's privacy) describing the news of his engagement to Chandler as "very, very incorrect."

He later clarified:

"I am not engaged to her and we were not even bf/gf.

Taylor Lianne Chandler Image

"I only went on a couple dates with her before Christmas and then stopped talking to her. I did not know her before I met her on Dec 9th and she has never met my children."

Were it not a figment of her imagination (which is almost certainly the case) the forthcoming marriage to the major would be Chandler's seventh.

She seems to have a particular affinity for military men, as just last month, she revealed in a blog post that a judge had issued an order of protection to a Marine who claimed she had been stalking him.

In what's likely to be the closest she'll come to a confession, Chandler hinted in a tweet yesterday that the recent marriage talk was her way of drumming up publicity for her ailing career as a social media personality:

TLC Tweet

As for Chandler's promise to clear the air and expose Phelps as a fraud in December ...

Taylor Lianne Chandler Phelps Tweet

... well, we're still waiting.

We'd say she might not realize that it's now January, but how could she forget a major life event like getting engaged on new Year's Eve?

We're eagerly awaiting an email from an anonymous source explaining why those receipts have yet to be made public.

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