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To say it’s been a big year for Michael Phelps would be an understatement on par with saying Ryan Lochte made a bit of a mistake in Rio.

In May, Phelps welcomed his first child, a son named Boomer.

In August, the fastest swimmer on the planet dominated in his fifth Olympic outing and gifted us with the glorious #PhelpsFace meme.

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson Pregnancy Announcement

Now, Phelps has reportedly capped off his epic 2016 by tying the knot with his fiance, former beauty pageant contestant Nicole Johnson.

Actually, it seems we should rearrange that timeline.

TMZ is reporting that Nick and Phelps got married in a small private ceremony in Maricopa, Arizona back on June 13.

The news broke today when TMZ reported that the couple had been issued a marriage license on June 9.

Nicole Johnson, Michael Phelps Pic

Shortly thereafter, Phelps’ agent and longtime friend Peter Carlisle confirmed that Phelps and Johnson had indeed made it official.

Little is known about the ceremony, other than that it was a closely-guarded affair, attended only by family and a small group of close friends.

Judging from the pic Johnson posted the night of the ceremony, the newlyweds decided to make it a casual evening:

Michael Phelps Wedding Photo

"Such a memorable night with my lil fambam," Johnson captioned the image.

"Boomer obviously didn’t want to hold still."

Hey, you can’t expect a guy who wears Lycra to the office to put on a tux for his wedding, right?

Phelps and Johnson got engaged when he popped the question back in February.

Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps: Date Night!

Just three months later, they welcomed lil Boomer into the world.

Naturally, Nicole and Boomer were on hand to watch Phelps scoop up his 23rd  gold medal at the Rio games.

Though they’d been married for over two months at that point, Nicole handled questions about the couple’s future wedding plans like a seasoned media pro.

"Now we get to have fun," Nicole said when asked about Phelps’ retirement.

"We get to enjoy parts of life that everybody gets to on a daily basis that we had to step away from so Michael could go and do what he needed to do."

Pressed about the wedding, she added:

"It’ll be small and intimate for the wedding, and then we’re throwing a massive bash for everyone in the states.

"I’ve been planning as we’ve been leading up to this, so I think I have the wedding in order and now it’s on to the party for the fun."

It’s good that she’s do adept at handling public intrusions into her private life, as the media’s interest in one of America’s favorite athletes is unlikely to die down anytime soon.

Our sincerest congrats go out to the happy couple!