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Soulja Boy’s house was burglarized this week as his bitter feud with Chris Brown is beginning to show signs of gang rivalries and violence.

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According to law enforcement sources, a man busted into his Hollywood home early Tuesday morning and plundered Soulja’s valuables.

After breaking the front door down, the intruder nabbed $10,000 in cash and $12,000 in jewelry, TMZ reports; Soulja was not present.

His house is obviously wired with surveillance cameras, one of which reportedly captured the suspect’s image, so stay tuned there.

As for the feud, by now we all know the history:

– Soulja Boy liked Karrueche pictures on Insta.

– Chris freaked out and sent him threatening tweets and FaceTime rants, because Brown is a reliable social media stalker and psycho.

– Soulja responded in kind and kept needling his adversary online, eventually bringing Chris’ young daughter, Royalty, into it as well.

Floyd Mayweather got involved as this escalated into an actual boxing event in which they both agreed to f–k each other up on pay per view.

We were told that Soulja would fight Brown in Dubai after drug testing laws and other factors made duking it out in the U.S. unlikely.

Now comes the new, gang-affiliated twist:

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Wack 100, a member of Soulja’s camp, tells TMZ that the whole thing is now getting dangerous, and controlled by West Coast gangs.

Despite his public involvement, Floyd Mayweather is NOT calling the shots to the point where he can orchestrated it, Wack 100 claims.

Dubbing himself Soulja’s personal fight promoter, Wack also manages The Game, Ray J and others, and is extremely well connected.

In the West Coast gang scene, that is.

He has known ties to the Piru Bloods, the organization of which Soulja claims to be a member, and Chris is loosely connected to as well.

To hear Wack tell it, Mayweather shot down the notion of the fight taking place in Dubai during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take.

Wack says the fight is a “West Coast thing” and while he has no beef with Mayweather, he’s “a guy from Michigan who lives in Vegas.”

Chris’ team, which includes Mike Tyson, begs to differ, as we begin to wonder whether this fight has any chance of actually occurring.

Meanwhile, cops are investigating the break-in, and so far, there is no evidence that Chris Brown or anyone in his crew were involved.

It’s not likely we’ve heard the last of this.

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