Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Celebrate Sons' Birthday, Romantic Reconciliation

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Kourtney Kardashian pregnant rumors and baby daddy controversy?

What Kourtney Kardashian pregnant rumors and baby daddy controversy?!?

Despite talk circulating around the Internet of Kourtney possibly expecting a fourth child with another man (Younes Bendjima, to be specific), the relationship between Kardashian and Disick appears to be stronger than ever.

Does this mean they are back together in a romantic sense?

All we can say for certain is that they are back together in a literal sense. To wit:

Kourtney and Scotty

However, all indications do point to a reconciliation.

Take the above photo, for instance.

Kourtney shared it on her Instagram account last week and it depicts her and Scott out and about, having a good time on a skiing trip.

But the caption is even more telling.

It reads: "Mom and Dad."

This is true, of course. Kardashian and Disick are the parents of three cute kids: Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2.

But it's hard not to interpret that message as having a figurative meaning as well; as being a subtle way of Kourtney telling the world that she and Scott are officially "Mom and Dad" once again.

And that the family is back to being whole.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick and Family

Fast forward a few days and Kardashian also posted the picture above to her social media account.

It was snapped at the joint birthday party she and Disick hosted for Mason and Reign (the brothers are five years apart, yet actually share the same birthday).

"Mason and Reign's FAST & FURIOUS birthday party," Kourtney wrote as a caption this time around, encouraging followers to visit her app for more photos.

It's nothing new for Kourtney and Scott to spend time together with their kids.

However you feel about these two as a couple, props must be given for how they always have put their family first.

Even back when they were experiencing their very worst problems (Kourtney ended their romance after nine years in the summer of 2015 amidst rumors of Disick partying and maybe cheating with an ex), the stars were often spotted together with their children.

They seem to have their priorities in order.

Like just this past Halloween, when they dressed as superheroes to go trick-or-treating with their equally super young kids:

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on Halloween

Still, neither Kourtney nor Scott will come right out and confirm their status, one way or the other.

One day, a tabloid claims they are back together. The next day, a different tabloid screams that they are over.

"Kourtney and Scott are really making up for lost time right now," a source told Radar Online late in 2016, hilariously adding:

"They are having sex nonstop in hopes that Kourtney will become pregnant right away. She really wants to conceive in time for the holidays!"

Of course, mere days later, another Radar report claimed that Scott "doesn't" want any more children... the two "could not agree on where their relationship" was going... and are on "another break."

So, who the heck knows at this point?!?

In the end, only two things matter:

  1. Kourtney and Scott keep putting their kids first.
  2. Kourtney keeps posing in a bikini.

So far, as you can tell above and below, so good on those fronts.

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