Jon Gosselin Parties With Kids, Pisses Off Kate on New Year's Eve

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Jon Gosselin won't be winning any father of the year awards in the near future, but for all his many, many faults, he does get some credit.

Why? For making a concerted effort to be a part of his kids' lives, despite constant interference from his notorious ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

Seriously. Not a small feat against that kind of obstruction.

Jon Gosselin New Year's Eve Photo

Jon turns 40 this year and he's trying to start a career as a DJ, but he's still a better parent than Kate, which tells you everything you need to know.

Kate would have us believe that Jon basically ran out on the family, but his social media page tells a different story as the new year begins.

That's Jon (above) with four of his eight kids on New Year's Eve, and there are a few noteworthy things that we'd like to call your attention to:

1. New Year's Eve is probably the biggest night of the calendar year for young, in-demand DJs. Or even ya boy Jonny G for that matter.

Couldn't have been easy for him to pass up all those star studded parties to spend the night at home with his kids, in other words.

Ed Hardy Poster Boy

2. Despite the fact that Kate has consistently depicted him as some unholy hybrid of Alec Baldwin and Joan Crawford, Jon ... isn't.

At least he doesn't appear to be abusing or in any way mistreating the kids here, nor do they appear unhappy to be by his side.

3. It looks like he only rang in 2017 with half of his kids, but we'll give him a pass, but we're guessing that was the best he could do.

Like some kind of sh-tty King Solomon, Kate would probably rather split the family in half rather than let Jon have all 8 kids on the same day.

Of course, it's possible that the situation is not entirely Kate's fault; Jon hasn't been a beacon of co-parenting hope shining into the abyss.

Jon Gosselin in a Gray Jacket Picture

It's been rumored that Jon is only on speaking terms with half his kids, for various reasons,and this pic might be evidence of that too.

Making matters worse, in recent weeks, Jon and Kate's con Collin has been in a treatment center for children with "special needs."

It's a move that's generated no small amount of controversy, along with her handling of it, and it certainly hasn't earned Kate any new fans.

On her TLC show, which is somehow still filming, and off the air, woman just keeps making Jon look like a caring, competent parent.

That really is no easy task, but she can get it done. Year in and year out, too. She's prolific in her terribleness to an impressive degree.

You've made us defend Jon freakin' Gosselin, Kate.

And for that, we'll never forgive you.

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