Jerry Seinfeld Under Fire for Inappropriate Black Lives Matter Joke!

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Jerry Seinfeld has really done it this time.

If you thought Michael Richards' infamous and incredibly racist rant was bad ... no, actually Michael Richards' rant was unquestionably worse.

But still, Jerry messed up big time.

Jerry Seinfeld Stand-Up

See, Jerry has this web series called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The premise is that Jerry drives around a comedian and they talk about things while -- you guessed it! -- drinking coffee.

The latest episode of the show features Lewis Black, which is great, that's fine.

But here's how he chose to promote it:

Jerry Seinfeld Black Lives Matter Joke

"New! Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Lewis Black," he wrote.

Then, horror of all horrors, he actually added "Black's life matters."

Because sure, why not make a pun out of a movement that began as an attempt to stop racism and police brutality? That sounds like a marvelous idea, doesn't it?

Now, of course what Jerry said wasn't unforgivable or anything -- he didn't joke about the actual movement, he just used it for a dumb pun.

But it's just not the time. He should have known that, and he probably did, he just didn't particularly care.

Jerry Seinfeld Photo

And people all across Twitter all calling him out for it.

"What the f-ck Jerry" wrote one confused follower, while another simply said "Yikes."

"Who's writing your tweets now?" someone asked. "The Breitbart humor section staff?"

A fan told him that "This is worse than the finale of Seinfeld which I still don't like" -- totally fair -- while another wrote "Not f-cking funny! Would you find humor in a joke about the holocaust?", which seems a little extra.

One follower acknowledged Jerry's hatred of political correctness, writing "Hey I know you think college kids are too PC but I'm in my 30s and this crap was really offensive and lame."

But speaking of being too PC, just as many of Jerry's followers were offended that people were offended at Jerry's joke.

Jerry Seinfeld Picture

"PC police coming for you with their fake outrage," someone warned him. Another suggested that "The PC people need to remove their stick."

One fan played both sides of the issue, writing "Huge supporter of BLM and I laughed. Guess I can separate a serious social movement from a pun by a comedian."

"Malcom X would be outraged! JK This is literally the least offensive tweet of all time," one follower claimed.

Another person got way too outraged and actually wrote "The Left wants to destroy comedy. They are speech nazis and fascists. Keep on doing you Jerry! Don't let haters win."

As of now, Jerry still hasn't deleted the tweet in question, and we'd be very surprised if he did.

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