Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Will it Last?

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Frequent Teen Mom 2 terror Jenelle Evans and David Eason just announced the arrival of their child, a beautiful baby girl named Ensley.

Now the hard part begins, and we can't help but wonder if the couple's days - marked by considerable tumult since the start - are numbered.

Jenelle Evans new puppy

After a controversial pregnancy, Jenelle Evans welcomed her third kid, which is David's second, and their first together, Tuesday morning.

Without question, it is cause for celebration.

Ensley Jolie Eason came into the world relatively smoothly, and both the reality star and her latest baby are healthy, Jenelle confirms.

"We are doing great," she said. "It was a quick delivery and only had to push twice. We are already in love with her, and she's so beautiful!"

The couple is anxious to introduce her to her half-siblings, of which (as we said) she has three from her parents' previous relationships:

"We are just ready to take her home!"

Evans and Eason first announced their little girl's arrival on Instagram, sharing the following picture of themselves lying in a hospital bed:

Jenelle Evans Baby Photo

"And she has arrived," wrote Jenelle, who is the mom to two boys, Jace Evans and Kaiser Griffith, by Andrew Lewis and Nathan Griffith.

Lewis was never in the picture, and for awhile, neither was Jenelle, at least not to the extent that some of her TM contemporaries are.

Her mom, Barbara, still has custody of Jace.

Jenelle and Nathan, who were engaged before that went very wrong (dueling accusations of abuse, for example), share custody of Kai.

The 16 and Pregnant alum has documented the highs and lows of her life on TV for years, and there were more lows than highs for a time.

Recently, she has turned her life around, even though she set the bar so low, it would be hard not to modestly improve on her early 20s.

Jenelle Evans and Ensley

To her credit, though, she has demonstrated that she is committed to sober living after multiple run-ins with the law, as recently as last year.

But based on the happy pictures and videos she has been sharing, it's clear that the 25-year-old has never been happier or healthier.

Again, though, that isn't saying all that much.

Let us be clear: Fans who told her to "keep her legs closed" and the like after her pregnancy was revealed were out of bounds and harsh.

Jenelle was right to be sad in pointing out that with most other people, this news would be met with congratulations instead of criticism.

Yet, out of line as they were, Evans' followers online reacted this way because frankly, she has yet to demonstrate that she's up for it.

Will the third time really be the charm?

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Selfie

Unlike when Chelsea Houska welcomed her second child one day later, Jenelle does not fly under the radar or exude quiet confidence.

She's not married, and custody battles - among other, more serious legal problems - have typified Jenelle's first two parenting experiences.

Could David Eason be different? Oh, absolutely.

He hasn't done much to calm fans' nerves, either, though. David's temperament and treatment of Jenelle have often raised questions.

Red flags abound you watch Teen Mom 2 online this year. To their credit, it's been smooth sailing lately. But the future isn't "lately."

Cute baby bump shots are now in the past. The precious photo ops may continue, but they'll be a mere distraction from the daily grind.

It's a selfness grind under the best of situations.

Trying times await all parents in their situation. Mutual respect, open communication and nearly endless patience will be required.

Throw in the fact that there are three other young children involved and the long days and nights ahead will become even more arduous.

We wish them nothing but the best, and really think that if they commit to making this work no matter what, Davelle can defy the odds.

The warning signs and track records will make that a tall order, though. We're not saying it can't be done, only that it's an uphill battle.

Thoughts? Think Jenelle and David will last?

Or will she end up a single mother of three?

Hit the comments below to discuss now.

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