Jenelle Evans: See Her Cutest Baby Bump Pics!

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Look, Jenelle Evans is awful. We know it, you know it.

Literally everybody knows it.

But sometimes it's nice to take a step back from the negativity, you know?

(Yes, the negativity is just the truth, but still.)

Instead of coming down on Jenelle for the terrible things she's done, instead of remembering all those times that she made bad decisions or was infuriatingly unreasonable, let's try to focus on something good.

Let's focus on that baby bump of hers.

No, not the actual pregnancy, because that will bring up all the worries that she'll continue to go on making more scary parenting fails.

Let's just look at some adorable pictures from Jenelle's third pregnancy and take in the natural cuteness.

1. Jenelle's Pregnancy Announcement!

Jenelle's Pregnancy Announcement!
Jenelle didn't share the news that she was pregnant with her third child -- and her first daughter -- until she was well into her second trimester. And that's how we were lucky enough to get a little baby bump action in this sweet photo.

2. All Three Babies!

All Three Babies!
Jenelle, as you surely know, is already mother to two sons, Jace and Kaiser. Here's both of her boys, along with the little girl cooking in her uterus. Cute!

3. VMAs Bump!

VMAs Bump!
Last August, Jenelle took David Eason, her latest baby daddy, down to the MTV Video Music Awards. He's gross, but this is a good photo, so ... yay?

4. Pre-VMAs Cuteness

Pre-VMAs Cuteness
Good ol' David shared this photo of Jenelle getting ready for the VMAs and captioned it "I love my girls! I hope Ensley looks just like you babe!" So that's nice.

5. A Frozen Treat and an Occupied Uterus

A Frozen Treat and an Occupied Uterus
This was the time Jenelle revealed that she'd been craving Italian ice. Pregnant ladies, right?!

6. Bare Bump!

Bare Bump!
Sure, the warped tattoo throws things off just a little bit, and the belly button ring throws things off a lot -- take that thing out before it busts out, girl! -- but still, awww!

7. Nature Baby

Nature Baby
If you squint real hard, you can see Jenelle striking a sassy pose right smack in the middle of all that greenery. David shared this photo too, and in the caption he called her "the strongest woman I know." 'K.

8. Nothin' But Class

Nothin' But Class
Here, Jenelle rocks some oversized sweats, a white tank top, and a classic top knot as she gazes across the river and into the sunset. (It gets cuter, we promise.)

9. Pumpkin Patch Realness

Pumpkin Patch Realness
Because really, who hasn't been walking through a pumpkin patch and felt the need to pop a squat on a conveniently placed stack of pumpkins?!

10. Mommy's a Mummy, Get It?

Mommy's a Mummy, Get It?
For Halloween, the hottest Teen Mom mess joined her kids in dressing up. Because seriously, how could you pass up this opportunity?

11. Basketball Bump

Basketball Bump
Here's where Jenelle really popped. Well, she popped before, but this is where we start getting into the basketball analogies, obviously. It's a totally different stage.

12. Shadow Mystery Bump of Doom

Shadow Mystery Bump of Doom
We know, we know, this photo was supposed to be artsy or whatever, and it's nice, and cute, obviously -- all baby bumps are cute, that's the reason we're here -- but still a little creepy, right?

13. Teen Mom 2 Crew!

Teen Mom 2 Crew!
This photo of the Teen Mom 2 girls is extra cute, not only because of Jenelle's bump, but because darling Chelsea Houska has one, too!

14. Third Trimester Close-Up

Third Trimester Close-Up
In case you couldn't tell, this was when Jenelle was around 31 weeks pregnant. It's almost over!

15. A Bow on a Bump

A Bow on a Bump
Let's take a moment to admire Jenelle's basic but still stylist maternity fashion here. So cute!

16. Baby Cuddles!

Baby Cuddles!
What could be sweeter than an adorable little baby all cuddled up to his unborn baby sister? Probably nothing, huh?

17. MORE Cuddles!

MORE Cuddles!
... OK, scratch that last one -- double the kids, double the cuteness!

18. Almost There!

Almost There!
Our girl is 35 weeks along here so, as she so conveniently notes on her shirt, with January 2017 will come her first daughter!

19. Christmas Cuteness

Christmas Cuteness
Jenelle was kind enough to take some time from her holiday festivities to share this lovely little photo of David cradling her bump. If you can just forget who these people are, it's one of the cutest pics ever, right?

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