Counting On Season Premiere Recap: The Jinger Gown

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On the season premiere of TLC's Counting On last night, Jinger Duggar's epic quest to procure the perfect wedding dress was chronicled.

And that was no easy feat, let us tell you.

Jinger Duggar the Bride

After months of hype, Counting On Season 3 Episode 1 introduced viewers to the long list of requirements for Jinger's wedding dress:

A seriously long train, three-quarter or longer sleeves, lace detailing and a modest neckline were just the beginning. This was serious.

(Why they were debuting with this storyline when they already aired a Jinger wedding special is news to us, but that's TLC for you.)

The bride-to-be had naturally thought a lot about her bridesmaids, even if she hadn't told anyone yet. The obvious picks for the job?

"Jana, Jill, Jessa, Joy, Anna, Johanna," Jinger said, adding there would be 10 in total, including childhood friends and Jeremy's sister.

Jessa Duggar was named Jinger's maid of honor, but also hadn't been informed before Jinger casually mentioned while dress shopping.

Jessa, Ben, Spurgeon and Baby Bump

Not that she was that surprised, as she's closest in age to (and basically best friends in the world) with the future Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo.

"I guess I kind of figured that would be the case," Jessa said.

But, at the same time, "I didn't want to expect it."

At the dress store, Jinger could not wait to start trying them on, but the first two did not get it done. It's a process, remember. Patience.

While this was going on, Derick Dillard and Ben Seewald met up with Jeremy Vuolo's dad to discuss parenting multiple kids at once.

This not-at-all-staged conversation came as they were caring for Spurgeon and Israel solo so that the women could focus on shopping.

Jill Duggar and Mr. Derick Dillard

Both Derick and Ben, of course, recently got Jill Duggar pregnant and Jessa Duggar pregnant, respectively, and are expecting a second.

Mr. Vuolo said that the guys will be alright, as raising two young ones at the same time isn't so bad ... you can still divide and conquer.

Three or more? That's another story indeed.

Once you get to that number of kids, or 19 for that matter, then you basically need another adult (cough, Jana Duggar) to help you out.

Who do you think will have more kids when all is said and done, Jill or Jessa? When you factor in their interest in adoption, it'll be a lot!

Jeremy's dad also told Ben not to compare one child to another because people are all different and children are all special as individuals.

Sound advice all of us could learn from.

Jinger Duggar Wedding Dress

Back at the bridal salon, Jinger fell in love with a gown that featured a huge 12-foot train, which met her specifications and then some.

That's too much for one person to manage alone, especially for pregnant Jessa, but fortunately, Jinger has plenty of sibling bridesmaids.

Later, after their successful shopping excursion, everyone reconvened at the local craft store to paint pictures for Jinger and Jeremy.

Wild and crazy times in Tontitown.

Turns out Jessa's not much of a painter, so she used taking care of Izzy and Spurge as an excuse - and a cute one - to get out of painting.

Jessa noted that it was "good preparation" to watch the two little ones at once since soon she was going to have two kids of her own.

2 and Counting, you could say.

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