Corinne Olympios Defends Naked Bachelor Scene, Slams Haters: It Takes Guts to Do What I Did!

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As The Bachelor spoilers told us from the get-go, Corinne Olympios is the woman everyone is talking about this season on the ABC hit.

Now, she is speaking out after her bold moves to attract Nick Viall's attention on Monday's episode received a particularly harsh response.

Corinne Olympios Topless GIF

Corinne said her dad would be proud to see her naked.

That dubious claim aside, it's clear fans weren't proud.

Olympios took part in a faux bridal photo shoot with Viall, then proceeded to shock everyone by taking off her top and embracing Nick.

She then put the Bachelor's hands on her bare breasts (or "bosoms" as she said in a cringe-worthy confessional), Janet Jackson style.

Later, she sparked even more outcry, if that's possible.

Pulling Nick aside to have three separate one-on-one sessions during a cocktail party, she further endeared herself to him ... and no one else.

Not that Olympios cares. Taking to Instagram on January 10 to defend her actions, she wrote simply, "Haters, I [donut] care."

Get it?! See photo below ...

Corinne Olympios, No Pants

Holding a donut pillow and showing off her legs in no pants, she shows no regret for the fact that we all saw Corinne Olympios topless:

"I was confident, and I was me."

"Yes, I seemed a bit aggressive in last night's episode, but I've been through a lot in my life, and I did not want any time wasted."

The young woman who lives with her parents and has her own nanny at 24 didn't elaborate on what exactly she's been through.

"It takes guts to be in that situation, and you will see the inner me unravel quite soon," she continued, adding that critics can step off.

"If I bother you that much, please just don't look at my social media and keep the mean comments to yourself. I'm only human. Xoxo."

Corinne Olympios in a Bikini Pic

The Miami-based business owner might not be making many friends in the mansion, but we know one person who totally gets that.

We're talking about The Bachelor Season 16 winner Courtney Robertson, who wrote a book called I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends.

Courtney, who has already drawn comparisons to Corinne, was one of the most polarizing contestants in the franchise's storied history.

Like Olympios, she was not afraid to go topless to win over Bachelor Ben Flajnik, or brag about her sexual skills (reverse cowgirling Ben).

In Corinne, she sees a kindred spirit.

"I gotta hand it to any girl who knows what she wants and goes after it," Robertson told Us. "She clearly does and is doing just that."

"So kudos, Corinne."

How far will this season's villain last? So far, Courtney is the only woman with approval ratings that low who actually won her season.

She and Ben split, obviously, after about a year; Robertson then went on to pen the aforementioned book and further alienate herself.

Not that she cares ... much like Corinne Olympios, whose scorched earth, overtly sexual strategy to win over Nick is in full swing already.

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