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The Bachelor Villain 2017, Corinne Olympios, is ready to do just about anything to stay on top of her game on the ABC dating competition.

In the case of tonight, that means taking her top off and pressing her body against Nick Viall to throw the other women off their game.

Corinne Olympios Gets Topless

Subtle? No. Not in the slightest.

Effective? You better believe it.

In the sneak peek at Monday’s new episode that appears below, Corinne Olympios is one of many women selected to go on a group date.

Like any good pot-stirrer, she has no problem standing out from the rest of the girls, even in a group setting, by utilizing her best assets.

In the clip, Corinne jumps into the pool next to Nick as part of a photo shoot, then decides to take the steamy date to the next level.

Or the level beyond that.

The Miami native removes her bikini top in front of the leading man, her fellow contestants, the camera crew and all of Bachelor Nation.

Gauntlet. Thrown. Down.

Nick appeared to be in shock, though if you read The Bachelor spoilers for this season, we have a hunch Corinne’s methods pay off.

Sorry. Forget we said anything.

“Wait, what is she doing?” asks one bewildered contestant as she looks on, summing up what everyone not named Corinne was thinking.

Does she have any regrets?

Umm, no. Olympios, clutching a coveted rose, leaves little doubt that she’d pull off the stunt (and her clothes) again to achieve her goal.

“Dad would be proud,” Corinne says.

“Even though I was naked.”

Well that’s good. While she’s immediately become the show’s most hated contestant, Nick Viall defended Corinne on his blog last week.

“Corinne was a woman who certainly brought her confidence that night," Viall said, noting that he had been in her shoes before.

Sometimes, "villain" is too broad of a label for someone who goes after what they want and isn’t afraid of what others may think.

As a contestant on The Bachelorette, Nick observes, he was not always the most popular guy with the other guys – or viewers.

"When she came back for a second conversation, I was a little surprised but at the same time I respected the assertiveness,” he wrote.

“I appreciated Corinne being confident enough to take a chance and put her relationship with me above everything else.”

Also causing drama tonight?

Liz Sandoz, who appears to reveal the truth about her relationship with Nick, telling virginal Christen about drunkenly banging him.

Should be good. Watch: