Sister Wives Season 11 Episode 4 Recap: What an Embarrassment

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Madison's bridal shower took place on Sister Wives Season 11 Episode 4, but rather than a cause for celebration, it was ... a tad awkward.

To say there were mixed emotions about some of the gifts would be an understatement, but how specifically did the Brown family react?

If you watch Sister Wives online, you probably already knew that Janelle was getting worried about the gifts Maddie could be receiving for her bridal shower.

Thus, she decided the best way to steer clear of the situation was to pass the planning over to Mindy and Dezi.

It was probably for the best. She was not comfortable with the way things were going, so she was best off doing something else. 

Being a bride, Maddie knew a lot was being asked of her so she delegated a lot of tasks she had to the sister wives. She also revealed that Kody would be writing the vows. 

Very cute. Right?

Well, she wanted it done in a timely manner, so she made it clear he would have to do so because she didn't want him winging it at the last minute. 

Kody seemed to think things worked best for him at the last minute, but this got everyone else worried in the event that this time was different. I mean, could imagine if there were no vows to say? 

Kody and Sister Wives

Yeah, that's a good gift, Kody. Get practicing. 

There was a big issue with the location of the bridal shower. Being outside, the ladies did not think about a contingency plan in the event there was adverse weather conditions. 

The ladies were quick to get the double-sided tape out, and thankfully, nothing was tossed around.

A Sister Wives Pic

The gifts did not go down a treat. 

It was evident there going to be some gifts that would ruffle a few feathers, but did anyone seriously expect Caleb to be the one dishing out THAT gift?

Camouflage lingerie was not a gift Maddie was expecting and based on her reaction, it was not one that she wanted. 

When the bridal shower was nearly over, Mykelti felt the need to muscle in and let everyone know she was planning to marry Tony within the next few months. 

Talk about stealing the spotlight. 

After the parents realized they could not speak to her like a kid anymore, they let her know they would need more time in order to get the money together for the wedding. They wanted it to be a great day for her. 

Mykelti took on another approach and agreed to push the wedding to December if Kody agreed to pay for her honeymoon. She really knows how to wheel and deal. 

Mykelti Brown and Antonio "Tony" Padron

The family then chatted about a connection Maddie and Caleb shared three years ago. The mothers picked up on it, but Kody revealed he did not. 

As you can probably expect, he was not impressed at being wrong. 

A mother always knows best. Right?!

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