Mariah's World Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Did Mariah Get Too Close To Bryan Tanaka?

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Mariah Carey has it all. 

She has fame, children and a lifestyle that we can only dream of. At least that's what she wanted viewers to think on Mariah's World Season 1 Episode 2

The singing sensation also proved that she has a heart of gold. How so? Well, Mariah allowed her backup singer, Mary Ann Tatum to bring her 6-year-old son on tour. 

“We’re all single moms, and it’s great. The kids make it so much more fun.” With all of the reports of the diva behavior, this series is definitely showing Mariah in a different light. 

We also got to see some of the finer interactions between Mariah and Bryan Tanaka. Yeah, he's the dude she's currently seeing. In the scene, he visited Mariah backstage and it was pretty clear she was trying to get him drunk when she offered him a beer. 

Mariah Carey in a Robe

Did she have feelings for him all this time, or are these scenes set up by producers? We'll probably never know, but they're great. 

Another key plot focused on Mariah's "Good Side." We've all heard about it before. It's the side she will only ever allow herself to be photographed on. 

Speaking to her makeup artist, Mariah revealed that she found out about it when she was just 19-years-old on a photo shoot, but she did not reveal who told her about it. 

After being three hours late to the Glasgow opening night, Mariah became embroiled in a bitter feud between Anthony and Mary Ann. Mary Ann took aim at Anthony because he refused to get on the bus with her and the other backup singers. 

Mariah Carey Body

Mariah tried to be the keeper of the peace because she didn't like friction on her tour. However, Anthony felt the need to answer Mariah back and she laid down the law in spectacular fashion. 

“Don’t be saucy on camy,” she barked. 

I'm going to assume that meant camera. LOL. 

Anthony had some words of his own for the camera, but he didn't seem to address the fact that he was being an ass about the whole situation. 

“For some reason, Mariah and I are off tonight.… I felt like I didn’t connect with her, like I always connect with her.”

Yeah, okay then. 

Mariah Carey on a Microphone

After Anthony finally got his own way and got his own bus, he tried to hug Mary Ann, but she was not ready to make friends with him yet. 

“Get off me — I will hit you,” she scowled. 

Who would have thought Mariah's World would have arguments like that? We're genuinely intrigued and can't wait to see how all of this plays out for the cast members. 

Funnily enough, Mariah is not the one causing all the drama.

What did you think of the latest drama?

Hit the comments below and be sure to tune in for the next episode for more arguing!

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