Jeremy Calvert: ENGAGED to Brooke Wehr!

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Well, it looks like yet another Teen Mom dad is soon to walk down the aisle.

And those closest to Leah Messer may want to keep her away from any sharp objects or tall buildings in the coming weeks.

Jeremy Calvert with Brooke Wehr

Despite rumors that Leah and Jeremy Calvert were getting back together following their drunken night on the town during the most recent season of TM2... seems Jeremy remained committed to one of Leah's many romantic rivals.

Now, after months of rumors and speculation, those closest to the couple reported last week that Jeremy Calvert engaged to Brooke Wehr.

Jeremy confirmed the news on Instagram, writing:

"Yup, I'm engaged to my beautiful soon to be wifey.”

Wehr doubled-down by posting a photo of the ring:

Brooke Wehr Ring

She captioned the pic:

“So this might have officially finally happened!"

Calvert and Wehr started dating back in June of 2015.

So yeah, they've been together just 15 months, but that's a lifetime in Teen Mom relationship years.

Jeremy and Brooke have already decided to have kids together and The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports that they've launched a clothing line.

The name?

CalvertWehr. Get it? Do you get the super clever pun?!

Brooke Wehr Image

Anyway, given their desire to procreate and the extent to which their lives are already intertwined, it's not surprising that Jeremy and Leah decided to get hitched.

Or maybe we should say it's not a surprise to anyone whose name doesn't start with an "L" and end with an "-eah Messer."

Leah was said to be harboring hopes that she would get back together with Calvert as recently as a few weeks ago.

We're guessing the news that Wehr and Calvert are engaged was not received well.

It's terrible, but we can't help but hope that MTV cameras were on hand to catch Leah's reaction.

Whatever the case, Calvert has agreed to appear in the upcoming season of TM2, which means fans should get used to seeing a lot more of Brooke in their lives.

We'd say Leah should, too...

But we're guessing she'll never get used to sharing the spotlight (or her ex) with Ms. Wehr.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the many ups and downs of Leah and Jeremy's doomed romance.

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