Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom: ENGAGED?!

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It's easy to forget, but Katy Perry was married once before, to the forgotten Tim Burton-Keith Richards love-child known as Russell Brand.

It didn't work out, because it was a marriage to Russell Brand, but apparently the experience didn't sour Katy on the institution of marriage.

Orlando Bloom Katy Perry 2013 Pic

As you may have heard, Katy is dating Orlando Bloom these days, and it seems the couple is speeding right past all the usual relationship milestones.

With Orlando's dick pic, they proudly announced that they'd entered the "exposed genitals pointed at one another in public" phase, which is right up there with meeting each other's parents.

Now, after less than a year of dating, it seems Orlando may have already put a ring on it.

And no, by "it," we don't mean his mildly impressive dong.

Orlando Bloom in Cannes

Katy and Orlando were spotted out and about in New York last night, and one onlooker tells Entertainment Tonight that KP was sporting a massive rock on her commitment finger:

"She walked with her left hand leading her, and bent her hand to show off the large sparkler to the cameras,"

The ring was described as "an oval cut yellow diamond surrounded by dainty baguettes."

Who could say no to that?

When someone gets down on one knee and makes an offering that reminds you of carbs, it's literally impossible to turn them away. #Fact

Katy Perry in Cannes

"Katy's mood was better than [I] had seen before," the eyewitness added.

"Katy was happy and laughing, joking with Orlando and pals as they got into the car. [Katy and Orlando] seemed proud to show off their happiness."

And why shouldn't they be?

Orlando swung at Justin Bieber, and Katy's been slowly tearing down Taylor Swift for years.

These two are giant-slayers; they've earned their happiness; and we can't wait to see who they'll target as a team.

We wish them all the best.

And we'd like to suggest John Mayer as their next project.

He's totally got it coming, and Katy has plenty of motivation.

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